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Experts Corner


Diet and Pre-eclampsia
By Mediconsult's Nutrition Services

Q. Is there a link between diet and pre-eclampsia?

A. Some studies indicate that poorly nourished women develop preeclampsia more often. Studies of calcium supplementation for preventing pre-eclampsia have had mixed results with some recent studies showing no effect. A recent study showed that supplemental vitamin C and vitamin E may reduce pre-eclampsia in high risk women. The authors caution that it is too soon to recommend supplementation. Pregnant women should make sure their diet is adequate in food sources of these vitamins and take only the supplements prescribed by their prenatal care provider. The best advice appears to be to:

Diet Strategies to Prevent Pre-eclampsia
  • Maintain a normal weight before pregnancy.

  • Avoid excessive pregnancy weight gain.

  • Consume adequate sources of calcium.

  • Eat a well balanced, prenatal diet

  • Eat adequate fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Take prescribed prenatal vitamins and calcium supplements.


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