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Experts Corner

Perinatal Pathology

Prometrium ~ Oral or Suppository?
By Carolyn M. Salafia, MD

Carolyn Salafia, MDQ. Is Prometrium more effective in oral or suppository form? All the research on the Internet says the suppository is much better and is absorbed better. My RE says there is not much difference. I'm confused. Also, I heard that while on Prometrium, you should never go more than four cycles in a row because it can act as birth control. My questions are should I be on suppository or oral progesterone? Which is better? Can continuing cycles of Prometrium act as birth control?

A. Giving hormones involved in your cycle for too long or too continuously throughout the cycle can confuse the uterine lining. I'm not sure that I have any information about progesterone supplementation in the second half of the cycle having any "birth control" effect.

I know that a number of the doctors with whom I work feel that suppository form is a more direct means of giving the medication they feel is important, and because it's more direct, they do feel that it is a better route . . . but this is I think, something that may be part of the art of medicine as much as the science.

Try to take care of yourself, try to relax which is probably one of the better things that you can do for your body right now, and please keep in touch and let us know that you are continuing to do okay.


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