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Experts Corner

Family Counseling

Hormonal Second Pregnancy
By Judith Lolas, MSW, ACSW

Judith LolasQ. I'm pregnant with my second child. The first time, I was the old me, no hormones were playing around making me unhappy. This time it is different. I'm very suspicious of whom my husband is calling. I get unhappy if I feel he is hiding something from me. I'm getting very jealous which I'm usually not, and definitely do not need to be. My reaction makes my husband very confused, unhappy and upset, and he does not know how to handle it. He tries to be understanding but almost gets paranoid because he is afraid to do something that makes me upset/unhappy. I'm trying to control my feelings but sometimes I can't.

A. Each pregnancy is different and your hormones could be acting up this time. Have you ever experienced this at all prior to this pregnancy? My first suggestion is to give it some time and try to focus on things to keep you busy . . . getting a nursery ready, reading, finding a hobby.

If this persists, I would suggest you and your husband seek some short-term counseling in conjunction with your doctor knowing, and try to find the best way to cope with this until it can be controlled. It may disappear in a few months or persist beyond the pregnancy and birth. If this is the case, you will need to seek some professional help. But first I would consult your ob/gyn and perhaps get a referral for someone to talk to. We never know how hormonal changes can affect us and each pregnancy is different. Your doctor or a counselor may be able to put your fears and issues to rest more quickly than you think.

With Care,
Judith Lolas


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