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welcome to StorkNet

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storkWelcome back! After a longer-than-expected hiatus, StorkNet is back. I'm so excited that our 20th anniversary is April 1. That's right - TWENTY YEARS on the internet. I'm working on a new design and updating our information all while working on my doula certification and saving up for prenatal yoga teacher training. I just finished certification as a baby loss doula and finished yoga teacher training so I'm half way to my goals!

I'm so grateful to all the folks who helped me get to 20 years on the internet . . . all of you who have been visiting and participating all these years, the StorkNet moderators on our message boards who put their hearts and souls into helping women realize their parenting goals, and especially Nancy Eggleston who was my partner for a good chunk of these 20 years, Caryl Mousseaux and Kathleen Kemp who were always there when I needed to vent or needed fresh ideas, Kim Green-Spangler who started as an ad rep and became a trusted friend and confidante, those early cubby editors who put in a lot of time (Susan Harkavy, Michelle Grassia, Gaye Johnson, Chelsey Langland, Liz Fretz, Sheryl Barlow, Kenyatta Thomas, Caryl Mousseaux, and Kathleen Kemp), the many guest experts who answered visitor questions, all of the pregnancy and parenting journalists who shared their lives so openly with us, and of course, my family who put up with their share of bad meals and messy living conditions while I was busy with StorkNet! What a ride this has been! I love you all and will always be grateful to you.

So what's next? Who knows! Maybe another 20 years on the internet? What would YOU like to see here? How would you like to participate here? Let me know! ~ Maribeth Doerr, Editor and Owner of StorkNet Family

Pregnancy Babymoons: One Last Trip Before Baby!
Babymoons have become all the rage over the last three to four years even though couples have been taking "last hurrah" trips for years. If you're looking for some relaxation and pampering before your baby arrives, learn how to create your own fabulous babymoon with StorkNet's babymoon guide.

How to Pick the Perfect Names for Siblings
To name your first baby, your assignment is simple: Pick some names you and your spouse or partner both like, decide how well each will work for your child over his or her lifetime, then choose the best one. When you name your second baby, however, there's one more step: Consider how well that name "goes" with the name of your first child. Baby Name Guru Bruce Lansky shares his best tips.

Easy St. Patrick Day Crafts for Kids of All Ages
Celebrate March by making a "Kiss me, Blarney Stone Critter," an "Easy Shamrock Necklace Craft" and a "St Patrick's Day Puzzle" with your little ones. You'll all have fun!

5 Building Blocks to Raising Resilient Children
How well does your child manage adversity, cope in difficult situations, and learn from disappointments? In other words, how resilient is she? Resilience is a sign of strong connection and healthy attachment. In order to provide the 5 building blocks, parents should practice these five building blocks.

Be the Anti-Bully: There's No Such Thing as an Innocent Bystander by Jerry Weichman Ph.D.
It's not enough just to know the signs of bullying or how to report to your parents or school administrators that you're being bullied. To be a person of character, to make a difference, to save a life . . . you have to learn how to be an anti-bully.

Kid Trappers! - Keeping Your Child Safe from Predators
The key to preventing sexual exploitation and victimization of children is education. If we want to stop these terrible, ugly acts, we must teach our children to become aware and proactive. Learn more from author Julia Cook.

Pregnancy Journals - Interested?
We want to start a new group of pregnancy journalists! Interested in writing a journal with us? Review the instructions and let us know!

Join StorkNet's playgroup on Facebook!
StorkNet has a new group on Facebook where you can connect with other parents and parents-to-be. Share, laugh, whine, and play in compassionate community.

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