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Flexibility is the final component of a well-rounded fitness program. Most individuals tend to become tight and stiff with age. It is important to maintain normal flexibility for several reasons. Good flexibility reduces the probability that you will suffer from back pain and other postural types of pain syndromes. Normal flexibility also allows you to attain normal movement patterns in all activities and requires you to expend less energy as you go through your daily activities.

The following stretching exercises should be performed a minimum of three times a week. It is recommended that you stretch after your weight training or cardiovascular program. When you stretch, spend 10 to 30 seconds in the stretched position and repeat each stretch two or three times. Make sure you are not overly aggressive when you stretch. You should feel a comfortable stretch in each position. Hold the stretched position and relax the area being stretched. Never bounce or jerk the body part you are stretching.

Remember, the most important component of your exercise program is consistency. Plan time in your schedule and don't let anything get in the way. Soon you will have established an exercise habit that you won't want to break.

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Not all exercises or diets are suitable for everyone. Before you begin this program, you should have permission from your doctor to participate in vigorous exercise and change of diet. If you feel discomfort or pain when you exercise, do not continue. The instructions and advice presented are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. The creators, producers, participants and distributors of this site disclaim any liability or loss in connection with the exercise and advice provided here.

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