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Exercise For Good Health

Welcome to the Exercise for Good Health Personal Program. The programs in this section are designed for men, women who are preparing for pregnancy, and/or women who are well recovered from childbirth. If you are pregnant or have recently delivered a baby, please refer to the exercise programs designed specifically for you.

There are three distinct parts to an exercise program designed for good health and optimal fitness, Strength Training, Flexibility and Aerobic Training. A well-rounded exercise program includes all three components. It is important to build up your strength, endurance, and muscle tone to improve your fitness level.

For women who are preparing for pregnancy, exercise now should allow you to maintain a higher level of fitness throughout a future pregnancy. It is much easier to begin an exercise program before pregnancy, so get moving!

Currently, there is no conclusive evidence to indicate that exercise causes infertility, however it is prudent to avoid too many 'extreme' workouts if you are 'trying' to start a family. However, if after a thorough workup exercise is suspected as a possible reason for infertility, follow your doctor's advice about how much to reduce it. If you have experienced one or more miscarriages, your doctor should also be consulted regarding exercise concerns and modifications.

  • The strength training program is 12 weeks long and includes beginner and intermediate sections.
  • The flexibility training program has 12 easy to do movements that help to keep your body limber.
  • The aerobic program is 12 weeks long, and includes a beginner and intermediate program. Suggestions for beginning and maintaining exercise are also included here.

For more information visit's Fitness Corner

Not all exercises or diets are suitable for everyone. Before you begin this program, you should have permission from your doctor to participate in vigorous exercise and change of diet. If you feel discomfort or pain when you exercise, do not continue. The instructions and advice presented are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. The creators, producers, participants and distributors of this site disclaim any liability or loss in connection with the exercise and advice provided here.

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