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Folate (folic acid or folacin) is a water soluble B vitamin. Major dietary sources of folate include green leafy vegetables, organ meats, meat, poultry, seafood, legumes (dried beans), seeds, and whole grain breads and cereals. Folate requirements are increased during pregnancy. Like most water soluble vitamins, excess intake of folate is excreted and not stored in the body. Folate is sensitive to heat, oxygen and ultraviolet light. Like other water soluble vitamins, folate leaches into cooking water.

Major Body Functions:

  • Important in the synthesis of DNA
  • Acts with vitamin B12 in the formation of red blood cells

Deficiency Symptoms:

  • Pernicious anemia (large cell type)
  • Depression

Excessive Intake and Toxicity Symptoms:

  • May mask symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency
Food Amount Micrograms
Kidney beans, cooked 1 cup 725
Liver, chicken 3 ounces 654
Brewer's yeast 1 tablespoon 313
Pinto beans, cooked 1 cup 294
Black beans, cooked 1 cup 256
Navy beans, cooked 1 cup 255
Black-eyed peas, cooked 1 cup 210
Liver, beef 3 ounces 187
Asparagus, cooked 1 cup 172
Turnip greens, cooked 1 cup 170
Split peas, cooked 1 cup 127
Spinach, cooked 1 cup 109
Green peas, cooked 1 cup 101
Soybeans, dried 1/4 cup 90
Sunflower seeds 1/4 cup 82
Broccoli, cooked 1 cup 62
Lima beans, cooked 1 cup 40

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