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Ali's Pregnancy Journal
Ali's Wedding
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Ali's pregnancy journal.

Ali (23) and Tony were married in October 2009. They wanted a baby right away and were blessed to conceive the first month they tried. Their twin daughters were born at 28 weeks 5 days on May 16, 2010, and doing well.

Join Ali as she takes us through her pregnancy week by week.

Ali's Journal Entries

Meet Ali

Week 7
First OB Visit

Week 8
Mom and Dad, guess what!

Week 9
Why didn't the doctor tell me?

Week 10
Second OB Visit

Week 11
Now I Understand

Week 12
Migraines . . . Not Much Fun

Week 13
Babies Are Expensive!

Week 14
Oh, so Tired

Week 15
Not Feeling It

Week 16
What Is Going On?

Week 17
Say Again?

Week 18
Round Ligament Pains

Week 19

Week 20
The Twins Are . . .

Week 21
Blood Work Results

Week 22

Week 23
Tired Again

Week 24
Busy Week

Week 25
Better than Last Week

Week 26
End of Second Trimester

Week 27
Third Trimester?

Week 28
Too Late, It's too Early!

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