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~ Meet Ali

AliMy name is Ali, and I am twenty-three years old. I have two wonderful Bengal babies, October and Emeric. I work in Radiological Controls at the local shipyard, which sounds complex, but is even harder to describe. I basically ensure that everyone follows the rules when it comes to radiation and radioactive contamination and am responsible for cleaning up and nuclear problems. Currently, I am in Refueling for the Naval Aircraft Carriers. I help take out the old fuel and put the new stuff in. However, due to my "condition," I will likely miss out on all the fun for this boat.

I met my husband, Tony, at work on May 28, 2009. I knew right away that I'd marry him, but I kept telling myself otherwise and refusing the gift God offered. Finally, I gave up and told God that He won. He always does. We got married on October 10th after about a month and a half engagement, barely four months after we met! It was a beautiful wedding and he is always wonderful to me.

AliOne night, we were eating at BWW's and he was looking over my shoulder at something. I finally turned around and saw an adorable little girl, and my heart melted. Tony looked at me, put a puppy-dog look on his face and said, "I want a baby...." A couple weeks later, we took a HPT just for poo's and ha's, although we were pretty sure we weren't pregnant, but guess what! That's right, we were! Upon showing him the test, he looked at me in disbelief and said, "...Nuh-uh!!" It was priceless. We called and made an appointment the following day for two weeks ahead of time. It was a long wait, with worries such as spotting, but we made it to the first visit with the obstetrician.

After doing a normal gyno exam, the doctor started the ultrasound. After a couple seconds she said, "Okay, are you both sitting down?" I thought, "Well, of course . . . what other position would I be in?" Tony said he thought she was going to tell us bad news. What she DID say was, "I have double news for you."

kittiesI immediately thought, "that's not possible," but sure enough, when she turned the monitor around, there were clearly TWO sacs and TWO itty-bitty dots. INSTANT SHOCK. She pointed out the lower one's heartbeat and said they were about half a centimeter long and that they were due the same day as her twin brothers' birthday. I barely heard anything she said, I was so astonished!

I remember telling my husband a couple weeks before when he suggested we might have twins, that it simply wasn't possible because twins don't run in either of our families. In fact, I don't know of any sets of multiples in my family, as far back as I know. According to the doctor, the twins are fraternal, so that is very exciting. I know that both my husband and I are thrilled and we are hoping for one of each. It was hard enough coming up with just a single name for each gender, just imagine coming up with two!

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