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Week 10
~ Second OB Visit

My husband and I went to our second appointment on the 4th of January. They were supposed to listen to the heartbeat, but apparently neither fetus' heartbeat was loud enough. So, they did another ultrasound. The first baby was easy to see. He or she is so much bigger than the first visit! Apparently, it is a spotlight hog, though, because it took quite some time to get a look at the second baby. Both are well, though, and you can see their hands and feet! At the first appointment, both babies were just under half a centimeter. This second appointment, both were bigger than 3.5 centimeters. It was pretty exciting to see them both!

We told everyone at work after the verification that both were fine. People at work weren't really surprised, but they were very happy for us. One of the guys I work with came in the following day and plunked a huge jar of pickles in front of me. Very amusing, but appreciated all the same! Another girl, someone I had issues with previously, seemed super excited for me and my husband and bought me a yoga mat and a prenatal yoga dvd, because she knew I was interested in taking it up. Especially now that I need to exercise for all three of us! I have used the video once so far and it definitely gets the blood flowing, but doesn't put me in any discomfort for the babies. I will let you know how it goes as I do it more.

Dreams have started becoming fairly vivid - beyond that of the norm. In fact, I dreamt the history of the "Whitman's Sampler" and how Whiteman (not Whitman in my dream) invented nougat. Apparently, he was in Germany at the time. Anyhow, though I am sure my recreated dream history of the WS is completely false, look out for interesting and vivid dreams!

Week Ten Changes:
- Not as nauseous/queasy
- Vivid dreams (ladies don't beat your husbands if they do something mean to you in your dreams!)

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