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Week 11
~ Now I Understand

This week was a little a different for me. I had to requalify for my job, which required me to go to dayshift (I normally work second shift). I ended up going to bed every night at 8 pm, just to get up at 4 am, so I could get to work by 5:30 to get a parking spot, even though my shift didn't start until 7 am. I didn't give myself much time to get ready for work, only about an hour, and that usually left me without getting breakfast before I had to leave.

On Monday, I tried to pick up a bagel and some V8 from Wawa, but three bites in, I had my first real episode of morning sickness, and promptly threw what I ate up. It was quite unpleasant, and it was some time before I could eat a real meal, even after munching on pretzels all morning. The following mornings, I either ate a few crackers before getting out of bed, then a couple after the shower, or I ate a quick bowl of cereal. I managed to get through the week with no more episodes, like the one on Monday.

Other than requalification, the week has been pretty average. I've had a few cramps, but nothing major - probably just the womb stretching some. I am irritable, but not majorly so, and I started getting headaches. I am not sure if the headaches are from lack of sleep, or just the extra blood flowing. I haven't been as queasy this past week, after the afternoon. Although my stomach doesn't itch from stretch marks (even though I am getting some), I tend to rub my stomach quite a bit because it seems to soothe any nausea or queasiness I might have. Also, since acid production is reduced during pregnancy (according to my doctor), I'm seeing if I can wean myself off the acid reflux medicines. I was initially put on them for IBS, but I get bad reflux if I skip taking them. I've gone three days without the Prevacid, and aside from mild reflux, I am doing fine.

Hope everyone else is doing well. I will talk to you next week!

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