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Week 12
~ Migraines . . . Not Much Fun

I am sorry for being late on this entry. Between work this week and taking ill on Monday and Tuesday, it slipped my mind. Week twelve was pretty good for the most part. There were complications for me right at the end of the week though. Tuesday is the start of my "baby weeks," so Monday is technically the last day for me. And my Monday was quite atrocious.

My husband and I have been looking for some time to buy a house. Monday morning we went and checked out several houses. One was in good condition, in the area we wanted, at the price we wanted. But . . . there was a train track RIGHT behind the back yard (and it was a small yard), and a busy street running past the front yard. Not the best place to raise children. We looked in a different area, closer to my folks, but still within commuting distance for his mom (who offered to watch the children), and found a house that we were both excited about. While the house needs plenty of work still (the kitchen and bathroom floors need to be ripped up and replaced, and the roof needs replacing, among other things), we put an offer on the house. I decided to take the day off work because I'd had a headache that carried from Sunday night into Monday morning and afternoon. Not only that, but I hadn't gotten my nap, and I was worn out from house hunting. So, while my husband went to work, I took my parents and granddad to see the house. My mother and I rode in her car and my granddad and dad rode in Grandpa's car. While trying to turn out of the neighborhood to head to the house, my mom let off the brake to peek around the corner then braked again so she wouldn't get hit by traffic. Unfortunately, my granddad thought that she was going and slammed into the back of her car. It hurt my lower back some, causing me to immediately worry for the twins, but there was obviously not enough force in the hit to cause much damage. I started crying simply because it startled me and got the adrenaline going. I was trying so hard to not sob! I knew I was just being hormonal, but how to you stop crying when it just feels so good to let go sometimes?

After the accident, we went and saw the house. Between the headache, activity, and no nap, I was started to feel wiped out. After we looked at the house, my mom took me to Babies 'R' Us to start a registry. By then the headache was becoming light sensitive and was beginning to evolve into nausea. After that store, we went to J.C.Penney's, where I tried on a dozen new baby pants because my under-belly ones aren't fitting so well, and didn't find any new pants. We finally found a decent pair at Motherhood, the maternity store, but unfortunately, I am just a little too big for the XL and way too small for the 1X. So the pants we bought slip down below my butt when I wear them.

We got home close to 8 pm, where my dad proceeded to urge me to drink two teaspoons of soy sauce to get rid of the headache. I finally did when he handed me a cup of it, and it caused me to upchuck EVERYTHING I had eaten. It wasn't until 5 pm the following day that I could keep some food down. Captain Crunch to the rescue! I spent the following day out of work, just recuperating from Monday.

Lessons learned from Week Twelve: If you need a nap, TAKE ONE. Do NOT take soy sauce to cure a headache. Don't trust your granddad to follow behind you without hitting you.

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