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Week 13
~ Babies Are Expensive!

We got snow! Where we live, there is rarely any snow, but we got about 6 inches this past weekend. It was very pretty and my husband wanted to play in it, but I guess I was just a party pooper. I already struggle to stay warm, because the babies always seem to take my heat - going out in the snow didn't sound very thrilling to me. Tony ended up going out in the snow and was going to mess around in it by himself, but my mother handed him a shovel and told me to go out and keep him company. I salted the walk while he shoveled, and I admit - I felt bad about not playing in the snow with him. It wasn't very good snow for building snowmen and throwing snowballs, but we could have made snow angels or something. There is still snow on the ground, but the rain is coming through soon, and by the end of the week, we may get some more. I suppose I should not poop his party the next time around!

The second day of being cooped up in the house, Tony said he wanted to get out. Now, as I said before, we rarely get snow in our area. I think we have a total of two snow plows in the city, so the roads are usually treacherous. My parents "allowed" us to go out, provided we take their Suburban. We decided to go to Babies 'R' Us and work on our gift registry so that we wouldn't spend a lot of money going to the movies and whatnot. By the time we got to Babies 'R' Us, Tony was becoming very keen on the idea of blindfolding me when he drives - I freaked out the entire way there! He did a good job driving, but sometimes he followed so close, I was sure he would hit someone! Anyway, we spent about an hour or two in the store, gunning things down with our laser gun and discussing the babies' room décor. I had initially picked out several Underwater Wonderland items, but I think we changed everything to a Savannah theme. I doubt anyone else realizes how difficult it is to find baby items without monkeys on them. Let me tell you . . . It's very difficult. I don't understand why people think monkeys live on the plains, because I'm pretty sure they stick to the jungle, and I vetoed a lot of items based on a single monkey head poking out of the pattern. If you could not tell, I have a monkey aversion. I find them much more scary than adorable, including those little unpredictable Capuchin monkeys.

Tony and I discovered by the time our excursion was finished that babies are very expensive to prepare for. Two babies are even MORE costly. We had to register 6 car seat bases. The car seats each come with one, so two for my car, two for Tony's, two for my parents, and two for Tony's parents. It's insane! It's a shame we don't have eccentric, rich relatives to help us with the cost. We should adopt a set. How do you thrift shop for twins? How do you make sure both twins get good items so they don't fight later on? Anyway, I'm dreading having to pay for all of the stuff we will need.

Oh yes! We have a ratified contract on that house we saw last week! We're both pretty excited about it, but we know we are going to have to sink a lot of money into it initially. If we could have found another house in our price range that didn't require repairs, we could have better started saving for the twins. Oh well. Take what you can get right?

Issues physically for the week:
- discomfort while sleeping - looking to buy a memory foam bed
- less stomach room for eating - need to eat less, but more frequently
- chronic neck aches from poor sleep
- slight head aches
- lower back pain likely from poor sleep

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