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Week 14
~ Oh, so Tired

Wednesday we went to another baby appointment. We did a glucose screening to check for gestational diabetes, since it runs in the family and I'm having twins. So far, no news on that, but they said they are going to do another test at 26ish weeks anyway. That is the typical time they perform the test, though I'm not really sure why. They told me, but I must have only been half listening.

We got to hear the heartbeats of the babies for the first time, so that was pretty exciting! The one on the left, that sits lower, had a heart rate of 144 bpm. The one on the right that seems to take up all of the room had a heart rate of 154 bpm. My mother said that they used to tell the gender of the baby by its heart rate, prior to ultrasounds. Online it says that boys typically have a heart rate <141 bpm, and girls have a heart rate >141 bpm. Sounds like the one on the right is definitely a girl. I think the leftmost child could go either way, and I hold out hope for a boy. I'd be happy with two healthy babies, but deep in my heart of hearts, I wanted a boy first. We have one more checkup, then two weeks after that we get to go in for the gender ultrasound. So, we will find out soon.

I have been so tired as of late. Two days ago, I got ten hours of sleep, but kept snoozing the alarm because I was still so exhausted. The day after we had to get up early to take the car to the shop (over $200 for an oil change and to buff the car! I guess that's what I get for hitting that pylon), and though I tried to nap after, the cats decided it'd be a good time to mewl and try to get my attention. So, I had plans to catch up on sleep today, even though we had to get up for work. I might have been okay had I not been having absurd dreams. I can't really remember them now, but I think my mom might have been trying to kill me. I was glad enough to wake up when I did. I know that the second trimester is the easiest one, and for the most part, I forget I'm even pregnant. However, the chronic exhaustion is wearing me out. How do you get enough rest when you're already get more sleep? To top it off, the weather here has once again taken a turn for the worse (snow today and more in half a week), and I feel like I'm starting to get a lung infection. If only I could get more sleep . . . maybe I could stave off the illness. We shall see.

Noticeable Pregnancy symptoms:
- Extreme fatigue
- Bouts of extreme hunger but smaller stomach so can't eat much
- Minor headaches
- Frequent neck aches
- Irritability (probably due to the other symptoms combined)

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