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Week 15
~ Not Feeling It

Most of the time, I forget that I'm even pregnant. Since about week 11, I haven't had much nausea, if any, and I am nowhere near as hungry (so it seems) than I was. Granted, there are times when I'm a lot more tired than I ought to be, and the baby on the right seems to enjoy pressing on my intestines, but other than a few moments here and there, I feel . . . normal. I did, however, get a new symptom. I don't know if other women experience this, but it feels like the outside of my crotch region is bruised and tender. It doesn't feel like the babies are pressing on my cervix or anything, but more like my nipples feel - tender - on the OUTSIDE. I haven't had a chance to talk to my doctor yet, but my guess is that it's all the extra blood flowing through that area, stretching the veins and arteries. It seems to be worse after I've been laying down a while, but sitting doesn't help either. Standing seems to ease it a bit. I suppose I will wait to talk to my doctor, unless it gets worse.

I am so incredibly hungry right now. My husband was eating some chips I really wanted in front of me. However, I'm supposed to be fasting because I have to go in for the three hour glucose screening tomorrow morning. I had my doctor give me the one hour test, and the instructions said I could eat as I normally would. The nurse said my results were slightly higher than normal, so I figure those Fruity Pebbles put me over the top. So, note to self - next glucose test you take, either don't eat, or eat something low in sugar. I can tell you that that bowl of Fruity Pebbles was not worth having to fast now.

I had to go to the boat today (I work on an Aircraft Carrier, but since the end of May I've been working in a facility, so have been spoiled). The walk there wasn't too bad, but I've been avoiding stairs since being pregnant, because in the first trimester, they REALLY wore me out. To get on the boat, you have to go up several flights of stairs. To get to where I work from the main deck, you have to go down several flights of ladders. Thankfully, they are not vertical, but for someone who hasn't taken all those stairs and ladders in a while, even if they aren't pregnant, it can be pretty rough. Also, the women's bathroom is on the main deck, so I had to go up and down each flight of ladders every time I had to go pee, which was about four times in 4.5 hours. My thighs are likely to be killing me tomorrow, but honestly, I'm proud of myself for doing it. In about two more weeks, I will have to go to the boat every day, at least until they put me out on bed rest, or until the children are born. So, that exercise will be good for me.

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