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Week 16
~ What Is Going On?

A couple weeks ago, just after my previous appointment I suppose, I started getting a mysterious pain in my nether region. It hurt. Felt like someone had kicked me in the crotch and I was bruised. After a week and a half, the pain started getting to be excruciating, but only when I stood up. It was still there when I was standing, sitting, laying down, or walking around, but nothing compared to how it felt to simply stand up. About 3-4 days ago, the pain seemed to center on the left side, specifically, and since it had gotten so bad, I called the nurse hotline - I had no idea what it could be. She said she didn't really know either, but to see my doctor as soon as I could. I saw the doctor two days after that, and she did a vaginal check-up. She said she didn't see/feel any problems and that my cervix looked and felt fine (I thought it might have been an incompetent cervix - so glad it wasn't!). I asked her what it could be, and she said it was very likely a varicose vein in my nether region - not something you could really see, but it definitely hurts! She suggested wearing bike shorts to compress the area, though I have yet to get some. I don't think it'd feel too good on my tummy anyway - the babies are already cramped enough! She also said it might be round ligament pains, but I've felt those, and those feel completely different. So, I've noticed that if I can recline some and not hunch over when I'm sitting, and if I can put my feet up, the pain is significantly less. Also, kegels help. So, if you are having an unexplained pain, check with your doctor about varicose veins!

Since we were already in the office, they decided to check the babies' heartbeats. I had been thinking of the one on the left as twin B, and the one on the right as twin A. Turns out, it is the other way around. The doctor was able to get Twin B's heart beat, and said it was in the 140s. Twin A moved every time the doctor managed to get his heartbeat (I don't know the genders yet, but I think the left one is a boy, the right one is a girl), so they decided to do an ultrasound to check on him. YAY! Pictures! So, they did an ultrasound and got two good face shots of Twin A, and while they couldn't get a good face shot of Twin B, they managed to get a good shot of her stretching her legs out. They look perfectly formed! Their heads were close together, as if they were conferring on how to escape their prison. It was adorable!

The hunt for a house isn't going so great. The seller for the house we put an offer on isn't willing to repair any of the issues with the house, so we will either have to take out a renovation loan, or look somewhere else. We are going to consider both options. Hopefully, we'll find something soon. It's hard to find time to check out houses when there is so much else going on. For instance, next week we are to meet with the lender, I have to work first shift for my requalification for work, and then we have to get ready for our honeymoon. We are taking this weekend for ourselves, since we never got a honeymoon and don't anticipate the chance for one any time soon. March 1st I go to the hematologist to find out what is wrong with my blood - they kept checking and checking and something isn't right (the good news is, the 3-hour glucose test they took came back normal). When I called to reschedule the appointment, the recorded message said I had reached the Cancer Clinic. I'm hoping that has nothing to do with the reason why the hematologist is there. March 3rd is our next appointment, and March 17th we find out the gender of the twins! YAY!

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