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Week 17
~ Say Again?

My sister finally called the other day, after ignoring my emails for about a week or two. See, she's had four children at this point, 3 girls and a newborn baby boy. I figured I'd ask for her help on the "lower region" pain, and I sent her the email a couple weeks ago asking if she'd ever experienced it. When she called, she said, "Oh yeah, I went through that with Mac [her youngest daughter]. I talked to a chiropractor and he said that it was the pelvic symphasis - the joint that connects your pelvic bones. He had me hold my legs together, then he forcefully separated them, and it snapped back into place." Why, oh why, didn't you check your email, Dear Sister, and tell me that a couple weeks ago?

I had my husband attempt the same thing, knowing I should probably just go to a pre-natal chiropractor, and he didn't accomplish anything. Except to find out that my legs are significantly stronger than his arms, and he isn't a weakling! Later, I had my dad try, only with me not resisting the pull, and I felt something snap. The pain is still there, but it is considerably less, and doesn't seem to be as localized to the left side of my parts. I should still go see a chiropractor . . .

This weekend, Tony and I went on our honeymoon. After the initial fight about the GPS (a mandatory fight whenever we go on a trip - he swears by it, even though I've been living in the area longer than the Garmin has been in existence), we had a great trip. We saw Shutter Island on Saturday night (very good movie, nice twist at the end) at the Cinema Cafe, and professional massages on Sunday. We stayed in the Jacuzzi Room at the Wyndham hotel - my husband booked it based on the hotel's reputation - but we were sorely disappointed. The king sized, fluffy bed was a delight, and the jacuzzi tub was adequate, but for some reason, the toilet seat in the bathroom was insanely tiny (seriously, if you cannot poop and pee at the same time, what is the point of having a toilet?) and the shower drain was clogged, so you had to stand in a pool of water and filth as you tried to shower. This particular Wyndham seems to be staying afloat on their reputation, because I surely was not impressed by the disrepair of the place. I do not recommend it. However, spending time with my husband was the goal, and I got to do that, and it was wonderful! ...HE is wonderful.

Today I went to the Cancer Clinic to see the hematologist. Dr. Yousef said he didn't know why there were antibodies attached to my red blood cells, but it didn't seem to be attacking them, because I'm not anemic. I know I was borderline anemic before I became pregnant, but I figured that was due to not eating much red meats or iron-rich foods. He ordered an ultrasound of my spleen and liver for next Friday, and hopefully that is normal. Apparently, 1% of the population has unexplained antibodies attached to their red blood cells, but that it doesn't really affect them as an individual and is nothing to worry about. I hope I'm in that 1%. They took more blood (with all the blood they've been taking since December, it wouldn't be a wonder if I WERE anemic) and are checking for all sorts of stuff, including what type of antibodies it is that is causing all the fuss. I also get to do a 24 hour urine test (Oh joy!!), which I will probably do one of the days this weekend, when I'm off work and can refrigerate the canister. I won't know until late March what is going on, assuming the Doctor knows by then.

Wednesday I go in to see the doctor to have the little ones checked out. March 17 is the big ultrasound appointment when we will find out the genders. I seem to forget I'm pregnant, much of the time. Sleeping is becoming increasingly difficult, but I'm not as tired, I don't have morning sickness (unless I don't eat before taking my prenatal vitamin), and while I'm getting larger in the middle, I haven't really gained weight yet. I seem to be losing some fat, such as under my chin, but I eat tons, and try to keep it healthy. I pretty much only crave meat (pork, which I don't even like normally, and red meat) and cheese/dairy products. The dairy is making my constipation worse, and today I had to do a Prune juice/sierra mist cleanse, just so that I would stop being in pain. So really, other than mild crotch pain, hefty constipation (something I've been dealing with since I was 16-17 anyway), and an increasingly large appetite most of the time, I have little to remind me of the pregnancy. Maybe soon they will start kicking . . . and I'll wish it is like it is now.

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