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Week 18
~ Round Ligament Pains

Starting Tuesday, exactly eighteen weeks, I started getting some strange pains. I was walking with Tony through Wal-Mart and suddenly started getting cramps in my lower abdomen on the right side. It was very very uncomfortable! We walked around a little, but that made it worse, as did stretching while walking. After about 5-10 minutes of this, I started freaking out, because it was something new. I called the clinic, and the nurse told me it was probably Round Ligament Pains and to sit/lay down and put my feet up. Sitting made the pain go away, and laying was even better, unless I tossed and turned. Unfortunately, I had to go to work, and I made it about halfway into the Shipyard before the pain started up again, this time on both sides, so all across my abdomen. Sitting and standing at work had little effect on it, but walking really made it painful. I talked to my doctor on Wednesday about it during my tummy check, and she said it was normal, but to go out and get a pregnancy belt for support.

Friday, Tony and I went to target and got a Be Maternity belt thing, and two stretchy shirts from the same company. I wore my full panel jeans, one of the shirts, and the belly band all at once, and while the support was great, I still got pains while walking around. In fact, the pain started happening during progressively shorter intervals while walking. For instance, I could walk several blocks before the pain acted up on Tuesday. By Friday, I couldn't walk a block. Now, if I do any walking outside of say, the house, it starts hurting, and it gets to the point where I have to stop and rest. Even with two-three layers of support. I plan on going out to look for a pregnancy girdle to see if that makes a difference, or if it is the same thing. I'm afraid I might end up going out on bed rest before too long, because while I don't do much standing at work, I do have to walk a bit to get to where I need to be (usually no more than a block or two). I'm hoping to make it to twenty weeks, at least, before they put me out. Maybe I could get a wheelchair? Just kidding . . .

I have to wait until March 23 to find out if there is anything wrong with my blood or if it's just a "normal abnormality." Tomorrow I will be taking them the 24 hour urine sample they wanted (boy, was that a lot of fun! . . . not . . .). Then I get to wait. We'll see how it goes.

Yesterday I think the nesting syndrome started. I had plans to clean the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom after running some errands. What I ended up doing was running my errands, cleaning the kitchen, sweeping and mopping the entire kitchen floor, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the bedroom, vacuuming the entire downstairs of the house, and folding laundry. My feet hurt so bad by the time I was done, and my cubital tunnel syndrome flared up, but at least I didn't get much of the round ligament pains (not until the very end, probably when I started to overdo it). I hurt SO bad this morning when I woke up and couldn't get my wrists to stop aching from the CTS. I'm hoping I don't have super cleaning moments like that often.

Other than the round ligament pains, I haven't been feeling very pregnant. The pains and the super cleaning moment are new this week. Still eating a ton, though I'm trying to keep it healthy. Still no weight gain, and I feel like I'm starting to get my sexual drive back. I suppose that is a mixed blessing! Right now, I'm just looking forward to finding out the genders of the babies on March 17th! Hopefully, the babies will start moving so I can feel them soon, too.

For this week, that is all!

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