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Week 19
~ Movement?

Very little has happened this week - at work, home, and with the pregnancy. Next week will be super exciting because we go in for the big ultrasound on Wednesday - I can't wait! Anyway, work has been ho hum, and Tony and I do a lot of nothing at home. The only new thing for the pregnancy is a slight amount of movement. It's not "flutter" feelings at all, and I don't feel the movement often, but it's very interesting when it does happen and I look forward to feeling the little ones move around more.

A couple times when sleeping, I would sleep all night on my left side, then roll to my back to let blood flow back to my left arm. The first time I felt the babies move was after that happened - I shifted to my back and the baby on the right decided to do a somersault! It caused my belly button to poke up funny for a second, and the baby felt like a grapefruit under my skin! It felt strange during the movement, and the baby decided to stay in that position for the bulk of the day. This caused me to be a little off balanced, especially when trying to get up, because it had shifted my entire center of gravity. The baby kindly repositioned to a better spot by the next morning. Yesterday morning, the baby on the left did a somersault after I rolled to my back, but they didn't stay all balled up all day like their twin had. So, other than large movements like those, I haven't felt anything else.

I'm still having terrible round ligament pains when walking. Seems I do better for a while after going up a flight of stairs and if I walk with good posture, but it's still a chore getting around.

Like I said, boring week. Hopefully next week will be more exciting. I'm sure it will!

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