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Week 20
~ The Twins Are . . .

Wednesday we had our big ultrasound! It was at 8:30 in the morning, which made it hard for us to get up, get ready, and get there in time for the appointment. We managed to get there on time, though I skipped breakfast and had two cups of coffee (as compared to my normal 0 cups) right before the appointment, figuring we wouldn't be long and we could go eat after. 9 o’clock rolled around without us being seen, and I started getting antsy. At 9:30, a full hour after our scheduled appointment came and we were not seen, I finally got up and asked when we’d have our ultrasound. The receptionist assured me we were next, but we still had to wait another fifteen minutes. It was very irksome because I was already super hungry, but then you stop and consider that if YOU are even 30 minutes late to an appointment, the facility charges you $35, but they assume it's okay for them to be behind and not inform you of the delay.

Finally, at 9:45 we were taken to the ultrasound room. The technician did a cursory inspection of both babies to insure that both hearts were fine and no obvious defects. Then she started working on trying to figure out the genders. She managed to get Twin B to hold still long enough (both were kicking up a storm due to no food and double the caffeine) to catch a shot of the three lines signifying a girl. Yay, a girl! Tony and I held our breath (not literally) waiting to find out if Twin A would be our boy, or if we'd be having two girls. Though the technician could only get two lines, she was pretty positive that both babies are girls. Initially, Tony and I were mildly disappointed, but honestly, we were thrilled that both of the girls were completely healthy and growing at normal rates. Twin girls . . . wow . . . that will be a trial when they reach their teens, however, it will be so much fun to dress them up while they are little girls!! I am so looking forward to buying them those "butt-ruffle" diaper covers!! They are ridiculous, but oh-so-cute! Anyway, Twin A was about 12 ounces, and Twin B was 15, so just under a pound! Both were about a foot in length. My, but they are large! We got lots of pictures and Twin B even smiled at us! All in all, it was very exciting. Unfortunately, the McDonald’s breakfast sandwich Tony had promised me was not on the menu because we didn't get out of the clinic until 10:45 am. That put a damper on my mood, but not much!

We had initially agreed on Eva Rose and Jenna Lynn as names if we were to have two girls. However, I wasn't particularly fond of Jenna Lynn (though I didn't hate it) and Tony wasn’t overly zealous about it either, so we had to search for another name. Right now, we are both good with Autumn Ivy for the second girl, but I think Evelynn is still in the running, should we find a suitable middle name. The only problem with Evelynn is that it is so close to Eva, and I've never been one for twins (especially fraternal twins) having similar names. I'm still baffled as to why I like Evelynn, accent on the "lynn," but find Evelyn a repulsive name (no offense to you ladies out there named Evelyn). However, if we do go with Eva Rose and Autumn Ivy, their initials will be ERR and AIR, so that is amusing. Also, the eve of the day is the end of the day, and Autumn is the ending of the year, so that seemed suitable as well – similar but also very unique.

Anyway, that was the highlight of the week. I had a tummy-check on Thursday, which went well. My blood pressure was really low, but the scale said I had gained 5 pounds (I blame those hollow Easter rabbits). Tomorrow is the start of Week 21, and that will start off with a visit to the hematologist to find out what's going on with my blood work. I hope it's nothing . . . especially because the insurance company is saying I have a previous condition and they won't cover the blood work. I'll be discussing that with them tomorrow.

Notable Symptoms:
~ Serious Round Ligament Pains – bought a pregnancy belt, hoping it helps

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