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Week 21
~ Blood Work Results

This week was actually a pretty good week! I went to the hematologist early on to discuss the results of all the blood work and urine sample. He says that even though the antibodies are attached to my red blood cells, he can't find any evidence that they are killing/attacking the cells. So maybe I'm just a weirdo. He said that while they aren't causing me any damage, it makes it so that if I were to need a transfusion someday (like if I lose a lot of blood during childbirth), it would be very difficult to find a match in blood type. I am O+, so I should be able to receive from any O donor, but the antibodies in my blood would likely attack any foreign blood cells. My mother suggested I ask my doctor if I could bank a couple pints of blood before I deliver the twins, then donate them after should I not need the transfusion. That'd be a great idea except that the hematologist said that I am a little anemic from the pregnancy. I need to ask my doctor if I can take iron supplements in addition to my prenatal vitamins, and I'm trying to eat iron-rich foods, but I don't know if they'd let me bank the blood anyway, simply because I'm pregnant.

Friday was rather exciting! I got to feel the twins move for the first time, other than massive movements like somersaults! It's a strange sensation, like someone lightly tapping the inside of me - all fluttery feeling. Usually they both move, because I can feel flutters both at the top of my uterus and the bottom, but sometimes it's one or the other. The other night, both babies were doing flips and somersaults in addition to normal movements. It was so strange - kept throwing me off balance! I let my dad feel when they were sitting funny - he really enjoyed that and laughed about it. Such silly little girls my husband and I will have! They've been pretty active since Friday, so besides finding out their gender, I assume feeling them move will be the highlight of the second trimester. I can't wait to hold my little girls, though, and look forward to getting showing more. I still am not showing very much considering I'm about 5 and a half months pregnant with twins!

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