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Week 22
~ Ho-hum?

The girls have been moving all week, which just reminds me that I am, indeed, pregnant. A lot of times throughout the second trimester, I haven't felt pregnant, simply because there aren't many symptoms and I feel really good. Granted, my clothes don't fit so well, and the round ligament pains make it difficult to walk far sometimes, but other than that, it hasn't been too different or difficult for me. Currently, I am on my last day of week 22, and I suppose the only complaint is that I picked up a sinus/throat infection last night/today. It's been making me a little miserable, especially because I have a non-productive cough, which is just causing my rib joints to become enflamed. Not much fun. I took today off work because I kept waking up this morning and ended up not getting much sleep. I also wanted to try to drink some tea and grapefruit juice to try to stave off further infection. It's coming up on summer weather here, and the last thing I want in addition to being hot and sweaty is to have an illness that compounds the discomfort!

Tony and I decided to stop looking for a house for a while, so we are still staying with my folks, hoping to pay off the cars (or sell one) and to save up some more money for house-hunting later. Things have been going well except that I've started getting to be really sensitive, so I cry over the littlest thing. For instance, the other day there was a spider in the car - not only am I an arachnaphobe as it is, but I do not do well at ALL with spiders in enclosed spaces. After an attempt to smush the spider on the windshield, I checked the napkin I used and it ended up falling on the floor, right in front of me. I completely freaked out, thinking it might still be alive and trying to crawl into my shoes or up my pants leg. After much searching, I found it pretty much dead on the carpet (it was a white spider, blended in well with the gray) and picked it up with another napkin to squish it again, to ensure it was dead. It popped and splooshed, which was more than I could take and ended up crying. Tony was pretty understanding, though I'm sure he thought I was being ridiculous, and it didn't help that the initial freak-out almost caused us to get into a car wreck . . . Oops! So, other times because of my tempermentality we have gotten into some pretty dumb fights. They don't last long, but they aren't any fun at all!

Anyway, so week 22 is just about done. I'm started to get big (so much so that my mother comments on it EVERY time she sees me. Mostly she just laughs, because she isn't used to seeing me pregnant) and irritable. My appetite seems to have died down, at least, I don't get ravenous anymore. I am starting to gain weight finally, but that's probably due to my increased intake of sweets and candies (thank goodness Easter is over!!! No more candy holidays for a while - Halloween, right?). All is well and I'm looking forward to seeing my little girls again on our April 15th ultrasound. They reach viability soon, so that is extremely exciting!!

Have a good next week!

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