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Week 23
~ Tired Again

The past few days I've been really tired. I don't know if it's due to low iron, lack of sleep, or simply being pregnant. I normally get about nine hours of sleep, but recently it's been more like 7.5 or 8. We swung by Harris Teeter the other night and I used their blood pressure cuff to see what I was reading, and it was something in the neighborhood of 144/80 and my heart rate was 104. My job isn't really stressful, and there isn't much stress at home, but I have a sinus infection right now and have had it a week. I don't know if that is contributing to the fatigue and high blood pressure, but I'm hoping it goes away soon (it seems to be clearing up a little). To top it off, my fingernails seem a little blue/purple compared to normal, but when I talked to the nurse, she said if my fingertips aren't blue, it shouldn't be something to worry about.

The girls are plenty active. They kick all the time and are now kicking hard enough for other people to feel it sometimes. Tony got to feel the other night, and I think he was surprised at the force of it, but pleased nonetheless. As of Saturday, my belly started getting in the way. I can still see my feet just fine, but vacuuming or pushing a cart at the store has become a little irritating because I keep hitting my stomach. Also, my belly is extremely itchy! I've had stretch marks since about two months into the pregnancy, but they haven't really itched. So, I bought some vitamin E oil and use that in addition to the cocoa butter. This morning I also used Jojoba Oil, hoping it would soak into the skin first to provide moisture. It's still pretty itchy though.

This weekend my mom and I (mostly my mom) started cleaning up the two rooms to be used as a nursery. She changed her mind about the bed in the bigger room, and moved it out, replacing it with my couch. So, now we will have the couch and the crib, among other things, in the room. The smaller room is being used primarily for storage. I still have to go in and sort through all my old mail and paperwork - file that away. My dad is planning a baby shower for Tony (so that it is man-friendly). It's been a pain trying to get everyone's information, but if people come, it should be worth it. We plan on having it Memorial Day weekend, so I don't know how many people will be able to make it, but we shall see.

We have a Belly check on Wednesday this next week, followed by another ultrasound on Thursday. I'm hoping all is well, though I'm a little concerned about the blood pressure. I don't need to be put out on bed rest this early, though I can tell you I don't want to be at work either!

More next week . . .

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