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Week 24
~ Busy Week

Wednesday was our 24 week belly check at the clinic. My blood pressure wasn't bad - about 120/80 or so, but I'd gained 6 pounds over the last month. I suppose that isn't too bad, but then again, I could probably go without all the Waffle House food after work. And as much as I disliked sweets in the beginning of the pregnancy, I am back to eating too much candy. I'm working on it though. There were no issues during the check-up, and both babies sounded good on the sonar monitor. Thursday we had an ultrasound, which turned out really well. There was one minor issue, and that was that twin B (the one on top, to the left) was two ounces lighter than her sister. Apparently, it is uncommon for the lower twin to be heavier, because they are supporting the weight of their sibling. But it was a minor discrepancy, and they ARE fraternal, so it's likely they are just growing at different rates.

We worked pretty hard all week at work - covering jobs in the work tent, which caused me to be on my feet most of the day Wednesday and Thursday, because the benches in there were too hard to sit on. I noticed Thursday night that there were gobs of discharge in the toilet when I went to the bathroom, rather than the normal small amount on the toilet paper when wiping. I called the doctor Monday and asked about it, and when they asked about any itching, I let them know that all of a sudden, the minor itching I'd been having down below throughout the pregnancy became an uncontrollable itch (seriously, I would wake up scratching, and ended up getting an open sore from the scratching). They set up an appointment for Tuesday to see my doctor about a possible yeast infection. However, prior to calling the doctor on Monday, Friday required me to be in the work tent again, so I pulled in a better chair and made sure to sit as much as I could. The discharge seemed to revert to normal.

Yesterday (Monday) was the last day of week 24. In the middle of a job at work, I started feeling slightly sick to my stomach and had mild vomiting (once) of what was mostly acid, even though I had just eaten a sandwich about 20 minutes before. I got up and left the work tent to go to the bathroom and immediately had severe pain in my upper GI. It's been a long time since I've cried from physical pain, but this was terrible! I was sure one of my organs had ruptured. I immediately called my supervisor after finishing in the bathroom and had him contact my husband on the boat (it was that or call the EMTs to take me to the hospital). Tony came immediately and took me to the ER. I was in pain from about 6:30 until 8:30 pm with what felt like intense muscle spasms of my internal organs above my uterus, and even down my sides some. They gave me some Ranitidine about 8:30, shortly after the pain subsided, and drew blood around 9:30 pm to check protein levels to see if it was my liver or something causing the pain. When I went to see my doctor today about the discharge and itching, she let me know that my blood work came back normal and that the pain I'd experienced the night before was probably due to heartburn. I have had heartburn many times before and it has never felt like all of my organs had exploded. Oh, the beauty of pregnancy.

My doctor was going to take cultures to check for a yeast infection, but upon initial inspection of my nether region, she said something to the effect of, "Oh my, it's really red down here . . . I'm not even going to try to take cultures and I'm not going to put any gel or medication on it because it'll burn like the dickens!" Yes, she said "dickens," which amused me. She gave me a prescription for an oral yeast infection medication and told me to take a second one if it didn't clear up in 48 hours. I'm hoping it works because the itching is terrible. I bought some anti-itch wipes, and those seem to help, too. I have probably had yeast infections before, but none that I went to the doctor because of, so this is a new area for me.

On a positive note, the Jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, and cocoa butter have worked wonders. Within three days, the stretch marks have faded in color and shrunk dramatically. As long as I keep my skin moist with the jojoba oil, it doesn't itch much, and I really like seeing the improvement of the stretch marks. However, my belly must really be getting big because not only did I walk into everything today with it, but I had about 4-6 people ask me when I was going to quit working. I told every one of them that either when they put me out for medical reasons (high blood pressure, weakening of my cervix) or when I can no longer see my feet. I don't think that's too far in the future either, because I already have to lean over slightly to see them. It is vital I be able to see my feet though, because I am already prone to tripping (big feet, big shoes) and the shipyard is not a place where there are nice even walkways and nothing to trip on. If I can't see where I'm walking, I'm liable to snag a toe on a crack in the road or loose piece of black top. So, that will probably be the deciding factor of when I go out of work, because I've been having so few issues (at least with the pregnancy). I've been blessed with a large body that is perfect for carrying children . . . so even though I don't want to be at work right now, there isn't anything keeping me home physically.

Anyway, today is technically the start of week 25, but I didn't want to tell what happened yesterday then leave everyone in suspense as to whether or not I was okay . . . so, more next week!

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