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Week 26
~ End of Second Trimester

I'm so excited about the third trimester starting!! I read somewhere that if the twins are born now, they have a 90% chance for survival . . . but we want them to wait longer, of course. We don't want them "half baked."

This week seemed to be the start of hip pain. I've had achy knees every now and then, especially when I weigh a bit more (my weight fluctuates so drastically that some days I'm ten pounds more than I started, others only 1 or 2), but this week they seem especially sore. The achy hips are no fun either, and it was going away by the end of the day, but I don't know how long that will last. I sleep pretty good, though I cannot sleep on my back at all, and I wake up to pee frequently. I now switch between the left and right side, because I wake up with one or the other arm asleep. It doesn't seem to cause a problem, even though I know I'm supposed to sleep on my left side (I think that's just because your stomach drains on the left side).

The girls are very very active, all the time. They kick, turn over, and sometimes twin B will slide her arm or leg across my abdomen, which feels especially odd. If I sit for long periods of time slightly hunched over, then stand up or stretch some, they take the opportunity to turn over so I can't hunch over anymore. Twin B has decided that she likes to curl up right under my right ribs. It feels like I have a cantaloupe growing there and then I have to "rub" her back to a normal position. It's really not comfortable for her to sit right there!

Everyone at work keeps asking when I plan on going out for maternity leave. I tell them when I can't see my feet anymore, but the doctors said that they cannot "pass" me out unless there is a medical complication. So I may be in the Shipyard until they are born, though I hope not! I'm really showing a lot - I think I'm as big as my mom and sister ever got with their pregnancies, and I still have a few months left to go! One man at work looked at me and said, "Beer belly?" ...I'm pretty sure he was kidding...if he wasn't, that was a pretty tactless thing to say. I just smiled and said, "No, twins." And told him how far along I was. I think he was relieved it wasn't a beer belly!

I talked about daycare with my Mother-in-law, and she put my mind at ease about the possibility of moving in with them (though I'd still rather not), and made sure I knew that she'd help out in whatever way she could. I really appreciate her support, and it'll help us to get out of debt (car loans, ugh!) quicker.

Anyway, the second trimester has been pretty good. Minor complaints, especially compared with the first trimester, AND I get to feel the little ones move around all the time! At this point and time, my symptoms are as follows:

~ Movement!
~ extreme fatigue on many days
~ breast tenderness (though now I'm used to it)
~ itchy belly and stretch marks
~ vaginal discharge (yeast infection seems to have subsided)
~ sore hips
~ sore knees
~ minor weight gain

Can't wait until the third trimester! I'm ready to hold my girls NOW!

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