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Week 27
~ Third Trimester?

I think this is the start of the third trimester. I am not quite sure, because some sites count 27 weeks, some 28. By the time this is posted, I will be at 28 weeks anyhow, so either way I'm excited! The hip pains continue, and the knee pain is constant now. In addition, they are pushing on the sciatic nerve that goes through my left butt cheek, which has been causing me to limp since Friday. The combination of the three has made it very difficult to take the stairs (up OR down), any hills, and walking for any real distance.

Yesterday was kind of busy. We had another ultrasound. Both babies are doing great, and we got some wonderful shots of Twin B. Twin A is more like me - camera shy, whereas Twin B is more like their dad and fairly photogenic. Two of the shots she was sucking on her thumb or fingers, and a third one she was smiling at the probe. Twin A just buried her face in my pelvis. Twin A was measured at 2 lbs 11 oz (58th percentile), and Twin B was 2 lbs 15 oz (80th percentile)...those percentiles were for singletons, too! That means my babies are plenty big! I'm glad all that caffeine I've been drinking isn't stunting their growth. Also, yesterday Tony and I went grocery shopping after work, and I think I had my first Braxton-Hicks contraction. It felt like it does when the girls turn themselves around - my uterus got very tight - but instead of in just one spot, or on one side, it was all over, especially on the top, and it lasted a solid 3 minutes or so. It didn't hurt though, it was just uncomfortable.

Saturday my friend came over and helped me to clean the upholstery in the car we are trying to sell. It took quite a while, and she alternated with me, not to mention she rubbed off the extra wax on the car! My neighbor came over and chatted at us (an older man who doesn't seem to realize that when you're really busy, it's hard to chat), and said that his son might be interested in buying the car. His granddaughter texted me yesterday about it, so hopefully we can sell the car a lot sooner than we thought! I hope so!

Sunday was Mother's Day, and we spent the afternoon with Tony's folks. He and his dad played on the Wii his dad got last weekend for his 50th birthday. We left around 8:30 pm and hit the carnival that came into town. I wasn't allowed to ride any of the rides, though we didn't know that until AFTER we rode one - The Wave Rider. I didn't realize it was a hanging basket until I climbed in, and it was one of those rides that spins around a center piece, going up and down along the track. Except there wasn't a track - it was a bunch of hanging baskets. After it started, I freaked out a bit, telling Tony that one of the pins holding the basket on was going to break and we'd fly off the ride into the parking lot. I felt and feel very guilty about riding it, even though I didn't realize what the ride really was. Tony rode one other ride (without me), and we got cotton candy, then tried to ride the merry-go-round. The carnies wouldn't let me on it, saying that it would cause brain damage and all sorts of damage to my child. It was a MERRY-GO-ROUND . . . but I didn't argue, because I still felt bad about the first ride. We spent way too much money, and not much time, but it was nice to just have Tony to myself for a while.

Anyway, week 28 starts today, and we go tomorrow for my 28 week check-up. I hope that the doctor can get me out of work because I'm so uncomfortable all the time now, but I doubt she will. Since there aren't any real medical issues yet, I will likely be at work for a while yet. Oh, and I get to retake the glucose test again tomorrow. Yay.

More next week!

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