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Week 28
~ Too Late, It's too Early!

So, I know this entry is late, and there is a good reason why! Week 28 was going well enough. I had my 28 week check-up on Wednesday, and aside from a high blood pressure scare, everything was fine. My blood pressure was 139/79 initially, but went down to 130/80 by the end of the appointment so they let me go home. I went home, went to work, and had a good night, aside from being very tired and having terrible sciatica pain. That night, I felt something snap in my lower back when I went to the bathroom, and that made my sciatica go from being painful, to excruciatingly painful where I could hardly walk. I called out of work the next day, and Friday too, because it was too painful getting around, and I could not manage stairs in any way. I told work I would probably be out for the duration of the pregnancy and following maternity leave.

Saturday night I had severe incontinence, which I thought was due to the babies kicking me in the bladder. Not fun. We went and bought me diapers, so that I would stop slowly wetting my pants. Sunday I woke up at 4:15 am with a terrible lower backache, and diarrhea (which I'd had all the previous day). I didn't wake up and get out of bed until probably 11 am, and started getting lower abdominal cramps like you get when menstruating. They weren't real bad and weren't frequent, but they made my backache a lot worse. I called my doctor and she said that since the backache was constant, not intermittent like the cramps, that it was probably nothing and to call on Monday to ask to move my appointment from Wednesday to Monday. I said "okay."

Around 2 pm the cramps started hurting more and came relatively frequently, but at odd intervals, like 5 minutes, 6 minutes, 13 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. Tony and I went to see "How to Train Your Dragon," which was a great movie, and I ended up timing all the cramps at about 6 minutes apart. That worried me, and sounded like labor. Tony thought I was being dramatic and we headed home, but he finally told me to call the doctor if I was worried about it. So I did, and she said that there wasn't anything she could tell me over the phone, but that I should just go into the hospital if it concerned me. She made it sound like it was probably nothing wrong. I told Tony what she said, and by the time we got home, the cramps were 4 minutes apart, nearly on the button. We packed a couple items, because I wanted to be prepared should I have to stay the night, even though Tony thought I was being ridiculous. My mom was surprised we were going, but just shrugged and said, "Well, okay."

We went to the ER (because I didn't know where to go for labor and delivery, which is the OB ER at our hospital) and they immediately came and got me in a wheelchair and carted me off to a trauma room. A male resident or nurse came and checked my cervix and said, "Well, you're about 7-8 cm dilated, and I can feel the baby's head." I just laughed, because everyone had thought I was being silly about it . . . Well, I toldja so!

They carted me to labor and delivery, and after pushing for maybe ten minutes tops, Eva Rose was born. It hurt like crazy, but not nearly as bad as when the doctors shoved their arms up my uterus to check the position of the second baby . . . Which they did about 6 times. That hurt FAR worse than birthing a 2 lbs 13 oz infant! Between the blood pressure cuff cutting off my circulation, the contractions (why they saw fit to wait until a contraction STARTED to check the position of the baby, I do not know), and the pressure of the ultrasound monitors, I was fit to be tied! After Eva was born, Autumn (twin B) was still vertex so they had me push with the contractions to try to get her lower. However, she was slowly turning breech as I pushed, and eventually I had no more energy to push, and I was in so much pain, I finally asked for a C-section (more like pleaded) and they took me in. I was starting to get really upset, and remember asking them to help me then telling them they weren't helping after they said they were. They had put an oxygen mask on my face, but it was half off, and irritating . . . I apologized later for getting so upset.

Autumn Ivy was delivered at 6:38 pm, 31 minutes after her sister, and weighed 3 pounds 1.3 ounces. I got to see Eva in the delivery room, but it wasn't until about midnight that I got to see Autumn and her sister again. I was taken to a Mother Baby room around 9 pm, where I continued having contractions due to major clotting. The nurses tried massaging/pushing the clots out, but that was painful because of the contractions and the c-section incision. I was finally able to push a gigantic clot out around 10 pm, but then the doctor had to come in and manually remove other clots. It was getting to the point where they didn't think they'd be able to get them all and I'd have to go in for a D&C, where they'd reopen me and remove the clots that way. I got another IV line, just in case they had to give me a blood transfusion, which seemed likely because of all the blood I was losing. I remained in good spirits and joked with the doctor about torturing me, even though it hurt worse than childbirth (because they were sticking their arms inside me again!!). The doctor managed to get all the clots, so I got to skip the D&C. (I have no idea what that stands for, by the way.) I started healing right away, and they removed the catheter in the morning and let me walk around. They discharged me on Wednesday, though the girls will not be out of NICU until August 3rd, their due date.

As of now, I have been home for 2.5 days. The girls are doing well in NICU and both were off respirators by the time I saw them on Sunday night/Monday morning. Eva has been off oxygen since Monday afternoon, and Autumn, though bigger than her sister, is still developing. They have lowered her oxygen again today, and she has been keeping her food down AND digesting it all. She and her sister are both at 16 ml a feeding, which is great, though still more than I can produce. I'm having a hard time getting milk production up, probably because I have no baby to induce the hormones in me, and it's hard for me to get the rest and food I need between pump times. I'm trying very hard, but it's rough going. I got to hold Eva today and yesterday, so that was wonderful! She is almost back up to her birth weight, and Autumn is probably just past hers. Both girls are being given antibiotics for Group Strep B, even though Eva is the only one with it (because she was birthed vaginally, she contracted it from me). Neither are acting like they have an infection though (no fever, etc).

I am very blessed that both girls are doing so well, considering they were only 28w5d along. I go see them 1-2 times a day at the NICU, and look forward to bringing them home. Moral of the story - don't go watch a movie if you're 28 weeks along with twins!

May 16, 2010
Eva Rose: 2 lbs 13 oz
Autumn Ivy: 3 lbs 1.3 ounces

Meet Eva
Eva Eva

Meet Autumn
Autumn Autumn

Daddy & Eva . . . Mommy & Autum
Daddy and Eva Mommy and Autumn

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