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Week 7
~ First OB Visit

I am halfway through the seventh week. It's been very busy. I can't believe we JUST had the first appointment a week ago. It seems like forever ago, and I am constantly worrying about the twins. Thankfully, I don't really have morning sickness, though I heard it was worse when you are having multiples. I am slightly queasy most of the day, especially if I am hungry. That makes it a little harder to want to eat something because nothing ever sounds good. Also, I have always had an intense sweet tooth. I would eat pounds of candy a day if it were accessible. Now, candy doesn't sound appealing and I've hardly touched anything sweet. The only thing that seems to make my mouth water is the thought of pickles. I know that sounds cliche, but actually, I have always LOVED dill pickles, so this is nothing new. I seem to simply want the salt from the juice more than anything.

I've always had stomach problems - IBS with constipation, so the constipation is nothing new, but the frequency with which I have to defecate is appalling, and I never seem to be able to go, causing intense pain. I always vowed that if childbirth was more painful than my stomach issues, I wouldn't have more than one. Well, I will be forced to have two, but I will let you know by the end which is worse. For anyone looking for a quick and safe method to soften stools, I highly recommend copious amount of V8 (not the Splash or Fusion, the regular, nasty, old tomato flavor) OR a fruit smoothie called "Blue Machine" by NAKED. Anything high in fiber will help though, so if you crave pork and beans or spinach, those will work as well. If all else fails, blend half prune juice, half clear soda (Sprite, 7-UP, Sierra Mist). Don't go to sleep until you've gone to the bathroom or it won't work (prune juice method).

Work is a trial from day to day. Some days it's fine, some days I cannot keep my eyes open from the extreme fatigue I feel. My pants no longer fit comfortably, so today I sat with them unzipped with my coat around me. It was a risky move because I work with 95% men, very few women. I was somewhat hormonal today. I ended up chewing out a supervisor for constantly talking over me (not my supervisor, a trades' supervisor, so though we aren't on equal footing, he has no authority over me) then spent the car ride home sniping at my husband. The supervisor realized he was being very pushy (although that is just his nature) and made sure we were okay, and Tony didn't get upset with me for my lack of patience.

I'm starting to feel insecure about my weight. I've always been overweight and have been trying for some time to lose some pounds. I've lost a few pounds since finding out I'm pregnant, but with being hungry all the time, I can't seem to lose very much. Which is fine. The problem is that I am getting stretch marks in ODD places. Places I have had fat for some time, but since I'm not exactly gaining weight, I don't understand why I'm putting on fat there. Everything jiggles . . .

On a positive note, Tony and I picked out the baby names we want. If we have one or two boys, it will be Anthony Isaac, then Michael Curtis. If we have one or two girls, it will be Eva Rose, then Jenna Lynn. So, at least we don't have to worry for seven more months about names. Yay!

Week 7 Pregnancy Symptoms:
- Tender and itchy breasts
- Itchy stretch marks in new areas
- No weight gain yet, but mass gained in mid-section . . . jeans no longer fit
- Extreme fatigue
- Constantly hungry
- 7w3d first smell aversions: coffee, popcorn, pumpkin pie and spices
- No morning sickness; constant queasiness
- Loss of libido
- Sore lower back

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