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Week 8
~ Mom and Dad, guess what!

This week has been pretty awesome! Yes, there were a few "what?" points, such as when the nurse from the obstetrician's called and said there was something weird with my blood work. I was at work when they told me, and as a newly expecting mother, I freaked out a little bit. When I called back, they said something about how my antibodies were negative, which didn't match with my blood type. That made/makes no sense to me, but I have an appointment on the 5th of January, so they said to just wait and not to worry about it. They will redo the blood work later.

So, Thursday night, my husband and I celebrated Christmas Eve with my family, since that is the day we celebrate Christ's birthday in my folks' house. We hadn't told anyone except a few people at work and a few strangers that we are pregnant, and we broke the news to my family in this way: we took a three windowed picture frame and put a picture of Tony in the left window, a picture of me in the right window, and a copy of the ultrasound in the middle window. My mom was the first to realize what it meant and was so excited! When she started getting excited, my dad and brother figured it out. Tony and I had to calm them all down just to tell them we are having twins and to point out the double amniotic sacs. It was even more chaos after that! I loved it though and spent the rest of the night telling my side of the family (grandparents, etc). On Christmas, we broke the news to Tony's family in the same way. The reaction was nearly identical.

Today we had to pack and move out of our apartment. I tried helping move the mattress, but that was all Tony let me do and I ended up packing the rest of the boxes while he carried them out to the U-Haul. My mom helped with a few other large items, and we managed to get the bulk of the moving done. It was strange not being allowed to help.

As far as the pregnancy goes, still no morning sickness, just that queasiness if I do not eat. I don't eat large portions anymore, but I eat about every three hours. No new symptoms to my knowledge. I forget half the time that I am pregnant because I feel pretty good. I admit that sometimes I worry because I think maybe I miscarried and don't know. But then I get ravenous again, or my breasts start itching and hurting. I can't help but worry, but I suppose I just need to be upbeat and positive.

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