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Week 9
~ Why didn't the doctor tell me?

This week has been fairly slow and uneventful. I DID find out that the Omeprazole (Prilosec) I was taking for my IBS is a Category C drug and not a good idea to take when pregnant. I am upset that my doctor didn't even MENTION it when I went in for my first appointment, even though they have it on record that I was taking it. I immediately stopped usage and have since been dealing with slight acid reflux. I thought it would be a lot worse, because it is normally bad if I neglect to take the omeprazole, but milk and rolaids seems to even it out some.

Tony and I spent several days with his family, and that was quite enjoyable although I was queasy for the bulk of it. We went to the Motherhood store in the mall at my friend's suggestion and bought the "Preggie Pop Drops." They seem to help, but no more so than a Jolly Rancher, and they are considerably more expensive. My suggestion is to go for Jolly Ranchers instead, if they help. We also bought one of those machines that allows you to listen to your unborn baby's heart beat. I recommend against that. Number one, you aren't supposed to be able to use it (hear anything on it) until the third trimester and number two, I couldn't even hear my OWN heartbeat, let alone even try to listen to the twins'.

Tomorrow we go back to work from the Christmas Shutdown. I am not looking forward to that at all, especially with the constant nausea and seemingly increasing fatigue. However, Tuesday we get to go to the doctor's again to listen to the babies' heartbeats! That will be very exciting!

Complications/Symptoms of Week 9:
- Same as previous week's
- Increased hormonal imbalance (I was crying at happy songs on the radio)
- Acid reflux
- Constipation followed by diarrhea
- Starting to forget stuff I wanted to do or say
- Still no weight gain (it's common for women in my family to not show until 7-8 months)

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