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Amanda's Pregnancy Journal

Amanda and Gabe
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Amanda's pregnancy journal.

Amanda (24) and her husband, Hank (25) have been married four years and are the proud parents of Gabriel (4). This is Amanda's journal of her second pregnancy through the birth of her daughter, Lilly, born at 40 weeks, 6 days on November 29, 2008.

Amanda's Journal Entries

Meet Amanda

Week 16
Stressful and Exciting

Week 17

Week 18
Crazy Week!

Week 19
All Is Well - With Baby

Week 20

Week 21
A Little Relieved

Week 22
Getting Bigger

Week 23
A Little Excitement in Our Little Beach City

Week 24
Nothing Much Different

Week 25
A Little Scare

Week 26
Another Normal Week

Week 27
Blessing in Disguise

Week 28
Bring On the Pains!

Week 29
Good Times

Week 30
Another Milestone Down

Week 31

Week 32
Just Another Week

Week 33

Week 34
My Stretch Marks Are Getting Stretch Marks!

Week 35
Still Another Month to Go??!!

Week 36
Halloween and Lots of Other Activities

Week 37
WOW - What a Week!

Week 38
Finally Reached My Breaking Point

Week 39
Still Here

Week 40
Birth Story!

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