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Amanda's Pregnancy Journal

Week 16
~ Stressful and Exciting

Week 16 was both exciting and stressful. I began feeling the baby move, not all the time, or even every day, but I have definitely felt some fluttering- and once, even a little jab to the cervix. It is great to remember how having a little baby inside you feels. Sometimes I can't even believe that women do this at all - grow a life inside of themselves! It is great. But on the other hand - I know there are women who absolutely love being pregnant. I am not one of those women. I will admit it; I was a miserable pregnant woman with my son, and I am going to bet I will be the same this time around.

On Saturday night, I just laid in bed and felt my tummy and located the baby's head, and admired my little bulge. It is alright when you are barely showing! It's when you get as large as the sofa that it's not so great.

Week 16 was pretty stressful financially. My doctor's office called and wants us to pay almost $800 over the next two months to cover the 20% I am responsible for the delivery (my insurance covers 80%). We have the money - only because we decided to save our government stimulus check to pay our bills when I am out of work for 6 weeks and on short term disability with 60% pay. So if we have to spend that on our 20%, then we will be in very bad shape in November/December. I am going to ask them if it is possible to spread these payments out a little more. Hank has decided to look for a full time job to help cover this financial nightmare. I will keep my fingers crossed because my husband is a ridiculous procrastinator!

On a good note, I am so happy that the first trimester is long gone. I was so sick this pregnancy! I lost 23 pounds; the doctor had to give me medicine and all kinds of at-home treatments to help me get through it and stay hydrated because I was badly dehydrated for a week or so. I went to work every day (well, I called out once) and was a good little trooper, but I was so utterly wretched! I was sick with Gabriel, but nowhere near this bad. I was sick for 5 months with Gabe, but this pregnancy - the morning sickness began and ended like clockwork - 6 weeks to around 14 weeks, and I am grateful for that; mainly because my husband was not so nice to me towards the end. He was tired of housework not getting done and things like that. I can understand how frustrating that may be, but I was still beyond upset that he was expecting me to do everything I did before and not help out. But it is over now.

I have an ultrasound scheduled for June 27th and we will find out the sex of the baby and look for any defects or complications. We thought we might want to be surprised, but as the date gets closer I am more anxious to find out! Also we need to know if we will be paying for a circumcision. Gabriel keeps saying he wants a little sister. He also created a second imaginary friend - his sister, "Frank." It is so cute. He also has his first imaginary friend named "Dizzer," but he likes to be called Dizzer as well, so who knows what is going on in his head. Dizzer has been going on for quite a while. It started when he was about 2. At first we thought he was trying to say "dinner" of "lizard" or something like that but we soon figured out it was an imaginary friend.

We have been trying to potty train Gabriel for months. He is getting better, but still doesn't have it down. He really doesn't like to use the potty. When he does, he is so proud of himself, but other times I think it is mainly a power struggle to refuse to potty and assert some control. He is one stubborn kid. Funny potty story - the other night I went to check on him because I knew he was on the potty. I asked him if he was pooping, and he said "Yes, look - there's the snake!!" then I heard a plop plop, and then he says "And there's the other animals!" I was dying of laughter. Maybe this is one of those kid things that are only funny to the parents . . .

Now it is time to give my crazy kid some attention! Talk to you all next week!

~ Amanda

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