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Week 18
~ Crazy Week!

This week has been long and action-packed! Hank's brother came down and he is still here. He will be leaving in a couple days. I have not been able to keep up! The first night he was here, I fell asleep on my in-law's couch with Gabe at around 8:00. I was not able to stay at my in-law's past 10:00 any night. I have been so tired, and these tension headaches I am getting everyday are really not helping. And they don't go away with Tylenol either, and they don't go away with sleep or relaxation, and they usually last the whole day. Some mornings I am in the clear for a few hours, and then it comes. I am going to talk to the doctor on my next visit; there has to be something more I can do. I think I will start bringing a heating pad to work.

We also had the ever-anticipated 20 week ultrasound on Friday!! One thing I didn't like was that I had to go to an imaging center because my insurance doesn't cover in-office ultrasounds. So I don't know yet if everything is ok with baby, but I will on Monday, I am sure. But we did find out that it is a GIRL! I still can't believe it! I even went online and looked up other girl ultrasound pictures to compare and make sure it was the proper diagnosis. I never thought I'd have a little girl. And it is great because this baby will very likely be our last. I think two is enough for me. We already have a first name picked out; the name we picked out when we were pregnant with Gabe. Her name will be Lilly. We like two Ls because if you sound it out carefully, there is really two in there. We had a discussion on this on Sunday

It is also exciting to have a girl because there hasn't been one of each sex in Hank's family for 3 generations on either side! It is either all girls or all boys. I have all sisters, but my parents have both brothers and sisters. So his family is extra excited. His mom is elated because she never had a girl. We went to Target and bought a pink dress, but we put it in a blue gift bag with blue tissue paper. Then we gave it to her, I took a picture when she saw the dress. She started crying. It was a great moment. She said, "If anyone was going to do it, it would be Hank." He is the black sheep, haha. So at least Gabe will get what he wants, he has been saying since the beginning, "I want a sister." So sweet.

Gabe's reaction to the ultrasound wasn't what I expected; actually he could have cared less. He was sitting in the extra chair with his bag of pretzels, just looking around. I tried to get him involved, though. I said "Look, there's the baby." He says "uh-huh." Then I say "I told you there was a baby in there." Gabe: "uh-huh." He wasn't excited at all. But he has gone up to the pink dress we bought and said "That's for the sister." I don't think he knows yet if he is happy or not to have a sibling.

I still seem to be having lingering morning sickness. Sometimes after I eat, I feel like I am going to vomit, and sometimes I have no appetite at all or I feel nauseous. I have vomited a couple times since the full blown morning sickness has passed. This pregnancy has been really rough on me! I know there are women who have it worse . . . so I'll just say this one has been a lot rougher than Gabe's. And people say that boys make you sick, pshh!

Since I found out that I am having a girl, I can feel a bond already. Before, it was more like there was something in my abdomen, more like an alien that I felt move every now and then. Now that I have seen her and know that she is a girl, it feels more real. With Gabe, I will admit that I didn't feel a bond with him until after he was born. Maybe this time I am feeling it this time because I know what love for your child feels like.

On another note, we are having great potty success! Since we told Gabe a few weeks ago, "No more diapers," he has only had a couple accidents - more so when he was first in underwear all the time. He does like to hold it in, so Hank and I have to ask him all the time if he has to go. I would like for him to just go on his own, but I think he needs a little push. He really likes peeing in the grass! He does this at the in-law's when we are hanging out outside by the pool. He gets out of the pool and tells us he has to pee in the grass, he thinks it's so much fun.

I think I'll end this entry a little short; I am really tired and have a wonderful tension headache again! Talk to you all next week!

~ Amanda

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