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Week 21
~ A Little Relieved

Well, this week I did some snooping around to find out why my boss has been acting strange towards me. Normally, I am not a snoop and can really care less about other people's business, but when it comes to my job security, I am willing to do it. So I was talking to the administration assistant in the Tampa office (she always seems to know all the latest gossip, so I thought I'd talk to her) about something my boss had gotten upset at me about, and ended up telling her about how she was acting strange to me since I've been pregnant - to which she immediately responded "I think I can answer that, call me when you are alone and can talk." So I called her while I was giving the receptionist her afternoon break and she told me something interesting. I won't go into details, but basically it involved a former pregnant employee and a lawsuit. So basically, the administration pretty much leaves pregnant employees alone to avoid anything like that happening again; which makes a lot of sense and makes me feel a lot better. Because, if I really had thought about it--if I was going to be fired, it probably would have happened already. And this girl happens to be pregnant too and she said it's been the same attitude with the administration in Tampa as well. So I am feeling a little bit more secure. And I might have spoken too soon about my boss anyway, because she actually has been nicer and more cheerful to me over the past week.

I also presented my secondary hospitalization insurance to my doctor's office. Hopefully they will accept it. But if they don't, we will just have to put the remainder of our bill on a credit card. Sad for us, but a reality. Hopefully Hank can get a pretty decent job and we can pay it off quickly. I had contacted the company by email to make sure that paying for my doctor hospital delivery is alright, and they said yes, so I am in the clear there. The insurance controller (at the doctor's office) said that it would have to be approved because they had never done this before. But I am in the mindset now, where anything to help reduce these bills is good. Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to pay the hospital. I had no idea this was going to be so expensive! I had Medicaid with Gabe, and I'll tell you, even though it's welfare, it is nice to have everything paid for! I still qualify now, but I just want to do it on my own. I may take up the offer to help pay for hospital bills; I really don't think we can afford them at all.

My mother in law had her breast cancer surgery on Wednesday, and all went fine. She is home now (she came home on Thursday), and she is not in any pain and she feels fine. She is definitely a lot better off than we all imagined she would be. It might have helped that she was referred to one of the top 5 breast cancer surgeons in the nation. And he did a fine job. I even took her out to the grocery store and Target on Sunday (she asked me to). We had fun and she bought Gabe a lot of stuff! He got a Thomas toy, a pool float, a Diego ice cream cup and spoon, and a flashlight. Who am I to stop her? He is so used to picking "only one" (as I always tell him when he gets to pick something) that he kept telling his Grammy what he was going to put back and started walking away and we had to stop him and tell him he was allowed to have more than one; it was so precious. And it was great to see him actually use some good behavior that you have been trying to instill. I just hope that it didn't spoil him and he goes back to the "only one" routine, haha!

I have also been having strange dreams. I am not usually a dreamer. I maybe have one or two dreams that I remember in a year. But since I've been pregnant, I've been having a lot of weird ones! Most of them I can't remember after I wake up, but I know they were odd. One dream I had in the beginning of the pregnancy was me sitting in an all white bathroom, and trying to kill this spider with a sock, over and over. He wouldn't die and kept coming back. That one creeped me out, and I'm sure it had some deeper meaning - it is quite obvious. And just this week, I had a dream that I was signing autographs with the Jonas Brothers. Now, mind you, I don't think I've ever heard a song by them or saw them in anything more than a commercial, but I know who they are and they were in my dream with me. We were hanging out in an old trailer (some people call them mobile homes), and there were girls screaming. Then everyone left and we were just fooling around in an overgrown backyard, some other strange things happened, but I don't remember.

I went to a nice thrift store this weekend and got some nice deals. There is a really wealthy community by my work (most of the lawyers live there, and it was where Hulk Hogan lived and where they filmed that show of his in the beginning- just a little tidbit of info although irrelevant, haha) and this thrift store is where a lot of the wealthy donate. So I got three work shirts and a pair of shorts for $10. There were really nice things too, and they were all name brand. There was even Gap, but I didn't think the size would last the whole pregnancy, and I didn't buy it even though I really like it. There was also a nice baby sling for $4, but I ended up putting it back because I couldn't figure out how all of the straps worked. I will probably go back in a few weeks and see what else I can get.

I think that is all for this week, I left my little notebook with my weekly notes at home so I'm sure there was more I wanted to say, but I hate to procrastinate. Talk to you all next week!

~ Amanda

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