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Week 22
~ Getting Bigger

Nothing new has really happened this week, I just keep getting bigger. My maternity tops are fitting, not too large and my maternity pants are feeling a little more secure. Before, I was walking around and pulling them up all the time. I am starting to feel the aches of pregnancy more and more. When I get up after sitting or lying down, then I feel the dull pain of my belly weighing down. I think my feet might be swelling a little bit, my shoes feel a bit tight. I was never swollen with Gabe, so I hope it doesn't get worse; I don't want to feel that pain on top of everything else, and then have to buy new shoes as well. When I am sleeping, I have been propping about four pillows all around me, and most nights I put one behind my back because I've been waking up on my back a lot.

This week, Gabe came up to me and hugged my belly and said "hi baby" and starting kissing it and patting it; it was so cute I could have cried. He has done that a few more times since, and I think he is now seeing the belly grow and knows there is a baby in there for real.

I also cleaned our carpet this week. It was in desperate need. We have a pretty small apartment with our "dining area" (if you want to call it that) and our living room connected. I could only do half one night and I was pooped and aching. I had to keep sitting down, and by the time the half was finished, I knew I wouldn't be able to do the other. Doesn't take much for me to feel exhausted lately. I've been keeping up with all of my normal things, but I am noticeably more tired.

After those nights of cleaning, I got to thinking about the "old days" when women had eight kids and were pregnant constantly and still had to help on the farm and do all these backbreaking chores (I'm talking about pioneer women and the serfs of medieval times)! How did they do it? We are so coddled these days. We have office jobs, we have modern technology, we have modern cleaning supplies and machines, we have pregnancy comfort items, we have laws that protect pregnant women- and we have it good. I love my history, but I am glad I live in these times!

We are also lucky for our modern medicine and technology. After I had Gabe and he was in NICU (he had inhaled and swallowed meconium) I was hit with the sudden realization, that if he had been born not even 70 or 80 years ago, it was a great possibility that he would have died either from infection or blocked breathing passages. And my little niece that was born prematurely by emergency C-section in February would definitely have died because she had contracted a virus from my sister while in the womb and she was in such bad shape, it took the doctors close to two weeks to figure out what was even wrong with her. The virus really took a toll on her and affected her liver and blood production. They thought at first she had a disease. Maybe it is just me being morbid. But I am glad that so many babies' lives are saved today with our modern medicine!

On a happier note - little Lilly is really a mover! One day this week, she moved for two hours continuously! Gabe was not much of a mover, but this one definitely is! I enjoy it though. As many times as she kicks me in the bladder, I love the reminder and the comfort of them moving- then I know everything is ok.

I started a quilt for Lilly this week, my first one. I have always wanted to quilt, ever since my mom made one for me for my birthday when I was about 8. I was so interested and intrigued, but my mom never made another quilt for me to watch and help. So I have been learning on my own. I already had squares cut out because I was going to make a quilt last year (my mother-in-law bought me a sewing machine for Christmas '06) but time was not on my side from being a stay at home mom and in school full time. I was going to buy new fabric when I realized I had hundreds of squares already cut out and in shades of purple and white, which is perfect! So I am halfway done with the front panel as of Sunday, which is the last day of my pregnancy weeks. I have so many squares left over though - I think I will make a matching quilt (with a different pattern) for my niece, Elizabeth. I used to crochet as well, and I started a blanket for my niece, but she was born prematurely, so I was discouraged and never finished. Plus I got really sick soon after with my own pregnancy and didn't do much of anything. So I feel bad for never finishing her blanket. After Lilly's and Elizabeth's are done, I want to make Gabe a Thomas quilt. He isn't left out though, because I did crochet him a really pretty twin size blanket in blues and white for when he's older.

That's all for this week, talk to you all later!

~ Amanda

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