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Week 23
~ A Little Excitement in Our Little Beach City

As the title implies, we had some excitement in my little beach city (although that is not all that happened this week). On Wednesday, Hank, Gabe and I went to see the illusionist Criss Angel escape from an impending implosion. There is an old motel that was going to be demolished and he was going to escape from it with something like 4 minutes before implosion. It took a little coaxing on my part to get Hank to come, telling him that how many chances do you get in your life to see something like this? Plus, I didn't want to go by myself with Gabe to a huge event like that; I didn't feel comfortable doing that, being pregnant and all. And he came. If anyone has seen Steel Magnolias - think of Dolly Parton's husband - there is Hank, he doesn't really enjoy going out (but he was happy that he went when it was all over and bragged to all his friends, haha) There was no shortage of people there, and we made the dumb decision to park in an island community with one way out and walk a mile or two to the beach. We had no problems getting in, but it took us two hours to get back out! We hung out on the beach in front of a screen they had erected so we could watch the show and see the implosion as well. Gabe was kind of tired since the implosion was set for 11 p.m. and we wouldn't let him out of his stroller for more than a few minutes at a time (and when we did, we picked him up or each of us held his hands--so even then he didn't have much movement) because there were so many people there. But when the helicopter came and the building went down, he was excited. Then he completely passed out on the walk back, not even a cop car that went by right next to us with the siren going off woke him up.

Surprisingly, I was not too tired the next day even though I didn't get to bed until 2:30, but I did go to bed right after Gabe went down the next night I won't go into my thoughts on the event because that's neither here nor there for this journal.

I had an OB appointment this week as well. I gained six pounds. Not too bad since I gained nothing the six weeks before my last appointment. Lilly's heartbeat is still in the 150s, so that is good. She is still moving a lot; I think she is lying sideways with her head to the left side most of the time. Her heartbeat was just to the left of my belly button, and she always sticks her little butt out on the right side of my belly button. It's always funny to feel that pressure of them rolling and then one side of your belly gets hard. I remember with Gabe - he always had his butt wedged in my ribs, he couldn't quite get under them I guess, so he was always stuck there on the right side, it did get quite sore and painful after a while, but he didn't have anywhere else to move at that point.

The doctor talked to me about the fact that I want a water birth. I decided to go with doctors this time around; with Gabe I had a midwife (the practice I go to has about five or six doctors and the same amount of midwives and you can rotate and see them all or just stick with one. I just rotate because you never know who will be the one to deliver). I wanted midwives again from the start, but I knew Hank wouldn't stand for it (to be explained in a moment). The doctor suggested that I switch back to midwives because they love natural births and water births. She said that she doesn't mind water birth, but a lot of the other doctors don't like doing them and don't agree with them. I really don't want to deal with the situation of a doctor not liking how I choose to give birth and making the birth stressful. I thought about switching after she said that because it does make sense, but when I talked to Hank, he got quite mad. His family thinks that it was my midwife's fault that Gabe went to NICU, and in reality, it is a pretty common occurrence (the meconium situation) and it really wasn't her fault. But Hank is convinced it was and he does not want me to have a midwife again. But I would really like more of a doula-type atmosphere (since I can't afford one) and a person who agrees with my birth choices. Maybe I will have to work on Hank a little bit for this one. After all, I am ultimately the one giving birth here!

Another milestone this week--according to weekly baby pregnancy guides, this week is a point of viability. So if born now, Lilly will have a chance for survival, which is always good news! Here's to hoping all our buns stay in the oven until they are fully cooked!

I went to my sister's this weekend and saw my niece, nephew, my youngest sister and my mom. My mom was down to help my sister wean Elizabeth. My sister is just feeling way too overwhelmed and tired to breastfeed. Elizabeth is almost 6 months old, so she did breastfeed for a good amount of time. Elizabeth is no longer colic, so she is getting to the point where she will sleep through the night sometimes, and with 3 other kids to look after (and with it being summertime) my sister really needs more sleep. Now that I think about it, I don't think I ever mentioned my sister's names - Samantha is the older of my younger sisters and Hope is the youngest, now I don't have to call them "my sister" or "my youngest sister" anymore! My nephew's name is Isaiah, just in case I haven't mentioned his name either, and her boyfriend's two kids are Makenzie and Kaleb. I am pretty involved and close with my sister, so these names will probably pop up a lot. Anyway, my mother was really in rare form and was just being over sensitive and emotional; she was really reminding me of a hormonal teenager, and she was really aggravating everyone. Now, I love my mom, but she is just a drama queen sometimes. She really clashes with Sam's boyfriend, Jimmy--he likes to joke around a lot, and my mom is too sensitive. So to my mom, Jimmy was being rude and picking on her when really he was trying in his way to get along with her. And my sister and my mom do not get along the best either, so it was pretty unnecessarily stressful for a nice family visit. If you can't tell yet, I really don't deal well with stress, haha.

We did have some laughs, especially when my mom got out the baby pictures and we all poked fun of how ugly I was when I was a newborn. Which is no lie, I really was. I had this dirty brown hair color, was half bald, and my skin was red and blotchy because I was allergic to everything, even contact with other people's skin and clothing. We were literally in hysterics at my baby pictures. Both of my parents have told me that they thought I was the most beautiful baby, but looking back . . . not so much. Sam was giving her impressions of random people commenting on how "cute" I was, and my mom was doing her impression of herself beaming with pride over her ugly baby, haha! Some other people might take offense, but I think it is quite funny. At least I cutened up a lot after the first six months!

I did take pictures of Gabe and Elizabeth, which I included. Gabe wanted to hold Elizabeth all the time; he played with her a lot, brought her toys and pushed her in her swing. I have no qualms about how he will treat his little sister; I am just worried about him being placed in a new situation where the baby isn't a novelty anymore. But I am sure he will be fine as long as he gets his mommy time! And I plan to make him as involved and included as possible, I'm sure he will love helping with diapers and bathing and picking out clothes for her.

Gabe with Elizabeth  Gabe with Elizabeth

That is all for this week, talk to you all next week!

~ Amanda

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