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Week 25
~ A Little Scare

On Monday, we had a little scare. I had called my doctor with some symptoms I had been having and tried to get an appointment. When I mentioned one of my symptoms that I kept feeling like I was having a very watery discharge all weekend and I was sure it wasn't incontinence, she then asked me if I could come in right away. Obviously I knew they thought I was leaking amniotic fluid. So my boss let me go right away, and they got me in to see a nurse and she swabbed me. I was dying with worry by then. But a few minutes later, she came back and told me it wasn't amniotic fluid and I was alright in that department. It was really just yeast (I know . . . maybe TMI . . . but I only get these when I'm pregnant. Just another perk of pregnancy for me) and sometimes it can cause a watery discharge like that. Basically nothing some over the counter medicine couldn't cure.

On Monday, I went to dinner at my mother-in-law's. Hank's cousin Lise was there and she has been in New Jersey all summer, so it was nice seeing her again. Hank's mom made a cake, and when it was time to eat it, Gabe really wanted to sing "Happy Birthday" so we decided we would sing Happy Birthday to Dizzer, his imaginary friend, and he was tickled pink to do that!

Later that night, Dawn (my mother-in-law) was talking to Gabe about Lilly. She asked him "Who is Lilly?" and he answered "Lilly (although with his inability to pronounce Ls- he calls her Wiwy ) is a friend for me." Then Dawn asked "Where is Lilly?" and Gabe said "In Mommy's belly!" and then he ran over and patted my belly. It was so precious. He is excited now to have a baby, he talks about babies a lot, and when I go to Hank's aunt and uncle's, he plays with Livi's (sister of Lise) baby dolls. Although he plays roughly and I try to get him to be gentle, he knows that they are toys.

I went to Hank's aunt and uncle's on Sunday. And like I said, Gabe played with baby dolls. He wasn't getting along too well with Livi this time and we ended up having to separate them; I guess they were both cranky. I brought my sewing supplies and made a little purse for Lise. I let her run my sewing machine a couple times to see how she did (I was thinking of letting her sew some of the purse) and she did well until she jammed it, ha-ha. So no more sewing for her. I knew she wanted to, but I didn't feel like breaking my machine. Gabe was passed out asleep by the time we reached the second light away from their house; I have never seen him fall asleep that fast!

Then when I got home, I made a black and pink messenger bag for myself. Now that I have discovered the world of sewing, I realize that I can make just about anything for myself! I always have the hardest time finding a purse or bag for myself because I'm so frugal and picky. Now I can make them just the way I want and for a lot less money. The right colors, size, pocket sizes, zippered pockets and extras on the inside. I am in heaven now.

Amanda's quiltI finally finished the quilt this week as well!! I am so proud of myself. I included a picture. I have been thinking of making receiving blankets for Lilly. After making a quilt and some purses- simple panel blankets should be extremely easy, and a lot cheaper than buying them at the store. And there was just a sale at the craft store for flannel solids for $2.50/yard, now I'm kicking myself for not getting some for receiving blankets. But Dawn did surprise me this weekend by buying all the fabric I need to make Gabe a pirate quilt. Every time we went to the craft store Gabe always wanted to look at the pirates; he is quite fond of pirates. So I plan to put a big panel of a cartoon treasure map fabric in the center and pirate squares around it with a dark blue fabric with stars for a border, and I got some red flannel for the back.

Now that I'm getting bigger and bigger, I am finding that I'm getting short of breath a lot! Maybe my posture has something to do with it. Sometimes I feel like I'm just not taking in as much air as I need. It's not serious, I don't feel like I'm going to faint or anything, but it can be annoying. I just know that Lilly we be all stuck in my ribs like Gabe was, I'm already starting to feel it!

I also think I've started to experience Braxton-Hicks. A few times a day, I feel tightening, pressure, and my belly gets a little hard; I just thought it was Lilly rolling around. Then I realized that when I feel these she isn't moving. So I guess they are contractions. I never had Braxton-Hicks with Gabe, so this is a new experience for me. And who knows--maybe it is Lilly rolling around and I'm just confused! Pregnancy is so complicated!

I had found another variation of Lilly that I really liked--Lillia. I suggested to Hank, but I think he likes Lilly better. Although Lilly is a lot more popular, we will probably keep it, but I still think Lillia is very pretty anyway. I always wanted to give my kids names that were different, but not off the wall weird. We still don't have a middle name. I think Hank will procrastinate that as well. I swear the man cannot make a decision for himself, and he knows it. He always makes fun of himself for having to call his wife for everything and every decision.

That is all for this week, talk to you all next week!

~ Amanda

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