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Week 26
~ Another Normal Week

This past week was just another normal boring week. I did hear some funny stories at work about how people thought I wasn't pregnant because it took me so long to pop out, because just in the past couple weeks have I really started to show. Now I'm really showing I can see that some of my maternity tops aren't going to make it! And the maternity sizing is so strange too; I can wear a medium normally (not being pregnant), but when I'm pregnant, here I go off into extra large! Shouldn't I be able to wear mediums or larges when I'm pregnant as well?

I'm also perplexed about maternity dating. According to most sites I've visited week 27 is seven months and the start of the third trimester, but on a few the dates are farther ahead. I think a lot of women are confused on this because there is always a little paragraph at the beginning about how people get so puzzled, I'm one of them. So, technically I am 27 weeks while writing this; am I in the third trimester or not? I will have to ask my doctor and go by what she says.

We had a tropical storm warning this week. Tropical Storm Fay was projected to hit Tampa, and changed course the night before and hit farther south. We were all starting to bunker down! Most businesses closed, but my work didn't, of course. It was funny though, because the day was bright and sunny. We got some bad storms scattered this weekend from the back end. I think this storm hit the state four times! That is so uncanny! It looks like this hurricane season will be busy; it was the same when I was pregnant with Gabe too.

TMy dad came over this weekend and brought me a gift card from my aunts. He had just gone to Virginia to visit his family a couple weeks ago. So I went shopping with Dawn this weekend, and I picked up a manual breast pump. I hope it will do well enough for when I go back to work. But in all consideration, I will only be pumping two or maybe three times a day. I just can't afford a really nice electric one, as much as I would love one! They do have an affordable electric one, I think it is The First Years, but when I tried to use that model when Gabe was a baby, it didn't work right for me. Then there is the $250 electric Medela that everyone wants, including me! But I did get a Medela manual, and even the one they give you to take home from the hospital works great, so I think this one will do fine. And it also lets you attach regular bottles to it, whereas some of the others had to have special bottles which were ridiculously expensive! Maybe I will be able to pick up another one along the way and get a double action going.

I need to read up on my breast pump, storage and stockpiling procedures; I have already forgotten since Gabe was a baby. He barely ever had a bottle, though, since I was home until he was 11 months. But Dawn will be watching Lilly, so I need to have a little stockpile to work with. I also need a good amount of bottles, because we will be storing right in the bottles so that Dawn has to handle the breast milk as little as possible. I know that breast milk is kind of gross unless it's your own, haha. She is thankful for that.

I have to make the last of my doctor delivery payments on Monday. Somehow, we managed to pay it all out of pocket (with a lot of frugality and good timing on our part). The doctor's office did say they would accept my secondary insurance, but I would have to pay them the full amount and they would reimburse me; which doesn't make any sense--if I'm already paying you all the money and then the money is coming to me anyway, I might as well just leave it at that and count it as a loss. So now I can use all of the secondary insurance to pay the hospital. What a headache this has been!

Now the Olympics are over, that always makes me a little sad. I love watching the Olympics every day. Now I have to wait another four years. It is also weird because I am as far along with Lilly as I was with Gabe for the 2004 games, and Lilly will be the same age as Gabe is now for the 2012 games. I still can't believe their birthdays will be so close!

That is all for this week, talk to you all next week!

~ Amanda

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