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Week 27
~ Blessing in Disguise

Amanda at 27 weeksHank was fired from his pizza delivery job this week. Which most people would take as bad news, but we are actually happy. With gas prices being the way they are, we were not making any money at that job, we would end up putting more in the gas tank on the weekend than what his paycheck was for, so we aren't losing any money. He only worked six hours a week anyway, so it really is a blessing in disguise and no one is upset with him because it is really a good thing. He is better than being a pizza delivery driver. The good news about this is now he can work on finding a job and he has some motivation. He is serious about it now. Now there can be no excuses!

I have always called him "my teenage son," or "my first child" and it is so true!

I had a doctor appointment this week as well. Everything is fine; heartbeat is still in the 150s. My blood pressure is good, and I gained four pounds. So now I'm up to ten pounds and still have 13 left until I gain back what I lost the first trimester. They said after my next appointment, I will be starting my two week appointments! It's so close! Time is flying; I'm starting to get excited for her arrival! I also brought them my paperwork for short term disability and FMLA, and they charge $25 to fill them out. That's a nice way to make money--charge people for something they need and can't get anywhere else, especially since they said they just started charging, lucky me. You would think after paying $1,200 to them, I could get my paperwork done at no cost! I protest! !

I had my glucose test this week, but I got it done in the middle of the week so I don't have my results yet. The drink they gave me upset my stomach and digestion all day. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing, but the kid that took my blood was so good I didn't even feel the needle! Then I asked him how old he was and said because either he just looked really young or he was really experienced--he was 21 and he'd been doing this for 3 years already. So I was impressed. Now I just have to wait for results.

I have noticed that Lilly's kicks aren't as strong lately. Is she already getting so cramped in there? She still moves most of the day, but I feel more of flutters and slight movements than kicks and such. I have popped out so much lately, I included a picture. I can't believe how big I got in just a few weeks! I am trying to imagine how much bigger I'll get. It's not looking so good with the way I'm going now.

Dawn had gotten me a pattern to make a nursery bedding set. I was happy that she thought of me, but when I looked at all the materials I'd need, it would cost more than just buying one at the store. I told her and we went to Joann's to return it and shop for other things. I had thought about just getting pieces to match the quilt I made, but it's hard to find a bumper or a skirt separate without going to a thrift store, and your luck of finding just what you want dramatically drops. So I found a cute pink set with butterflies at Wal-Mart, but I think Dawn will beat me to the punch and get it for me.

I started Gabe's pirate blanket this week. I cut squares from one fabric but decided to get one more style of fabric and some red and white striped fabric for the four corners because red and white stripes seems quite pirate-y. Not counting the fact that I had to get fabric that was Christmas candy cane striped because they didn't have plain vertical red and white striped fabric in the whole store! I have decided to give it to Gabe for his birthday because we don't know how much extra money we'll have by then and I really need to get him some presents. I also got him a Mickey hooded sweatshirt that he picked out. But he was so excited about Grammy getting him a Thomas toy that he forgot all about it, so I decided it would be a birthday gift. It doesn't get cold in Florida until December anyway, and I'm planning his party for the beginning of November because his birthday will probably include some part of Lilly coming (unless I go after 41 weeks, which I hope not!).

Well that is all for this week, talk to you all next week!

~ Amanda

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