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Week 28
~ Bring On the Pains!

This week was the week of aches, pains and being uncomfortable! My belly is aching, and sometimes it is really hurting. My ribs are starting to get a little sore from baby encroaching on them; my feet are swelling a little bit but not too bad. I am at the point where I can't stand up too long without throbbing or just pain in general. I went shopping with Dawn this weekend and was walking around for over an hour and stood in line forever because I got the cashier from hell, and my feet and legs were just plain in pain. I have been getting leg cramps as well. My sciatic nerve is not being friendly either; my butt and upper thighs are really hurting. And when I am walking around, I am waddling because of my pain, not because I have to yet. I was telling my friend at work that I just want to grab my butt and massage it! There is probably too much cushion there for it to do any good. I am starting to enter the miserable phase for sure. Also, it's finally the third trimester! At least now I know now--because if it isn't 27 weeks, then it's definitely 28! So here I am, the last phase. We're in the home stretch now.

Lilly's kicks are back to normal now, whatever normal is. They were noticeably weaker last week. She always seems to move a lot less on the weekends. Maybe it is because I'm so busy and always moving and it puts her to sleep. But I am always paying attention for them. I just hate when a while goes by and you realize you haven't felt them in a bit and begin worrying. But Lilly is a good girl and always gives me a little nudge whenever I start to worry. I would sit around for hours waiting for that kick when I was anxious with Gabe.

I am noticing that I am getting tired more and more easily. I had to take a nap on Sunday because I just couldn't go anymore. Gabe had gone down for a late nap because my sister Sam and her zoo came over to clean my carpet and furniture (they have a carpet and upholstery cleaning business with the industrial equipment). After they left and I gave Gabe a bath, and tried to get him to help me clean his room, but after halfway through he just refused to help (I know he was super super tired anyway) and kept telling me "the kids did it" which I know they did because Gabe rarely makes a mess of his room (my sister did call later and apologize for not making her kids help clean up). I told him he had to help anyway because he helped make the mess, but like I said, he refused after halfway through so I told him to lie on his bed then. And he scrambled right up, so I left him there to nap. Then when I went downstairs, I just knew I couldn't do anything else and took a little nap. I am usually not a napper at all; they always make me feel worse. But this time I must have needed it because I felt good when I woke up.

Gabe got a real big boy bed this weekend. He was so excited. Dawn bought one of her mother's twin beds and gave it to us. We set it up on Saturday. Gabe couldn't wait to sleep in it. But he didn't get the whole experience because we celebrated Hank's birthday that day at his parents' and Gabe fell asleep on the sofa, so we had to put him to bed while he was sleeping for his first night in the big boy bed. I had gotten him a plastic sheet to go under his real sheet because we have been encouraging sleeping in the underwear and he has been doing great. We have only had one accident and that was during a nap when he still had his toddler bed.

Dawn surprised me on Sunday when Sam was over. There was a knock on the door and I thought it might be our new neighbors, but it was Dawn. She said she had a special delivery for Lilly--and it was a crib! A brand new crib. She said it was on sale at Kmart and she couldn't pass it up. It also turns into a daybed and a full size bed! I was so happy I couldn't stop thanking her. And she had also bought me a crib set this weekend. She is too good to us.

Hank's birthday was Sunday the 7th. He turned 26. I can't believe our ages now! We met when I was 18 and he was 20. I also can't believe we've been together for five years, who would've thought? Our four year marriage anniversary is coming up at the end of this month (yes, I got married when I was barely eight months pregnant with Gabe). I know I'm "getting old" and am in parenting mode because I turned on the MTV video awards after channel surfing and I watched for an hour before there was even a song I'd heard before!

This week, Gabe was saying "I am walking with a baby in my belly too" and waddling around; I almost died of laughter. He insists he has a baby too. Whenever someone is talking about my pregnancy and he hears, he says "that's the baby Wiwwy." We were talking about Christmas at Dawn's and Gabe says "all the presents are for me, none for Wiwwy." Then we had to tell him that everyone gets presents, but he still said none for Lilly. But I know when Christmas comes around, he will be right there giving the presents to Lilly. Not that she will be able to open them or anything, but he will make sure she has them.

Hank is really looking for a job now. It just seems this is not the greatest time to try and find a decent job around here (or probably anywhere). Every week I look in the paper and see a big local company laying off thousands of employees. And he can't just turn to manual labor because he has a bad shoulder; we just went to the ER a few months ago for him dislocating his shoulder for the fourth time in three years. He needs a surgery or it will keep on happening, but he doesn't have insurance. I will just keep crossing my fingers that we will get lucky somehow with a job for him. He really wants to get in with the cable company or an IT staffing service. Now we just need to coordinate use of the car, haha.

That is all for this week, talk to you all next week!

~ Amanda

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