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Week 29
~ Good Times

I finally got the results of my glucose test this week. I had called the doctor on Monday, and by Friday I still hadn't heard back, so I called again. The nurse said she never got a message that I called. But she said my glucose test was fine. Then she said I am anemic and put in a prescription for an iron supplement. I have taken iron before and it never made me feel any different, so we will see what happens. No wonder I have been so tired lately. Sometimes it is all I can do to get up and do what needs to be done. I hate just sitting around, but sometimes I just can't help it. So I sit on the couch after work and think "I need to do this or that" but I just can't make myself do it. Instead, I end up playing trains with Gabe on the couch, or coloring or watching TV.

Dawn's birthday was September 11; this year was the first year she actually celebrated her birthday on the actual day. Hank, Gabe and I went over for dinner. Gabe and I made her a cake the night before. Gabe poured all the ingredients and I let him crack the eggs for the first time and he was so happy to do that; he always begs me when I use eggs to break them. He banged the eggs on the bowl and kind of exploded them with his hands, but it was all going to get mixed anyway so we had fun with it. I did have him break them in a fresh bowl to see if there were any shells and he didn't get one piece. He didn't want anything to do with the mixer though. He doesn't like "bachines" (machines) up close--a "bachine" is anything that makes a lot of noise.

So the next day I came home from work and Gabe told me he was thirsty. As soon as I opened the fridge door, Gabe says "I ate the cake Mommy." I was scared to look; I was thinking there was going to be a mutilated cake in there. He had eaten one whole side clean off! I gave him "the look" and he put his little finger in his mouth and stared at me for a few seconds and said "I'm sorry Mommy for eating Grammy's cake." And it was sooooo cute. I couldn't punish him, so I sent him upstairs to tell Daddy what he did. He was terrified to do it; he clung to my leg the whole time and apologized over and over. When we headed off to Dawn's, he ran up to her, gave her a hug and said "Happy birthday Grammy, I'm sorry I ate your cake!" Then Dawn took a look at it and laughed and laughed. Gabe's little touch to the evening.

I had also written a letter to Dawn, because I can never find a card that says it all. Plus I hate cards; if I never get a card again I'll be happy (or if I never had to give a card again…). But Dawn doesn't think that way. So I wrote her a mushy letter. This was an important birthday for her--surviving cancer, having a new grandbaby on the way and Hank and I have been out on our own for one year as of this month. She must have cried over the letter for a half hour! She tried to read it aloud, and that took a while too. Then everyone else was mad at me for "outdoing" them, haha. But she was so happy that I took the time to write her all that I felt. She got a Wii from her mom, so we stayed late playing it. Then we had a Wii party this Saturday, and my arm is still sore after that! It is a very fun system though. Gabe played as well, he boxed and golfed. I recorded him golfing with our video camera, it is so funny.

I am working to get my kids health insurance. I finally gave up on Medicaid because they denied us three times over incorrect paycheck stubs. They kept saying I wasn't sending them the right ones, or I was missing ones for weeks I didn't even get paid on, or once that they were too dark from the fax so I resent them within 10 minutes only to get a denial letter a couple weeks later. So I finally turned to the state funded insurance program where you pay monthly because I am desperate to get Gabe and this baby insurance. I got a response this week, just had to fill out a questionnaire about Gabe's current health and any long-term issues (which he has none anyway--he is healthy as can be). Hopefully I will hear back soon. I really need to take him to the dentist, because he has a cavity and it's up near his gums. When I saw it, I was mortified. I brush his teeth everyday, water down his juice, give him lots of water, he barely eats sweets and doesn't really care for them (one reason I was so surprised he ate the cake). I guess he got his dad's teeth. My husband takes great care of his mouth, but his teeth are still rotting out, whereas I've never had a cavity in my life. I feel so bad for him; I hope Gabe doesn't end up with teeth like Hank's!

We went to Target on Saturday and got a little soft doll for Lilly; it will be her special crib toy. Gabe had a little puppy named Foofie, and he still sleeps with it. He doesn't have a comfort item, but he likes his Foofie and his crib blankie on the bed. He is so cute with his bankets. He has "blankie" which was his crib blanket, and "blanket" which is just a regular blanket, whatever is on his bed at the time. So every night we have blankie and blanket.

Seeing Gabe grow up and develop more and more personality everyday, I can't wait to meet Lilly and see what she will be like and look like. My sister predicts blond hair, blue eyes and 8lb 10oz. She thinks she will be chubby. I think she will have green eyes (like Hank) and blond hair and be lighter than Gabe. Although Gabe's hair was strawberry blond until about three months when it fell out. Maybe she will have red hair too. I am starting to get excited! Before I was trying not to think about it and enjoy just Gabe.

Lilly has really been kicking now; I guess you get what you ask for. I got such a swift hard jab directly to the bladder this weekend; I thought I was not going to make it to the bathroom. It woke me up out of my sleep. I never had kicks like that with Gabe. Then she did it again another night! She kicks me so fast, I wonder if she is ok in there. It's like a machine gun! Fast little kicks all over my belly, then she stops. She is going to be a feisty one, I just know it!!

That is all for this week. Talk to you all next week.

~ Amanda

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