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Week 30
~ Another Milestone Down

As another week gets marked off, I have reached the next ten week marker. Only eight more weeks to go (as I write this)! Hopefully by the next marker, I will have a baby. I do not want to go over! The time is getting closer and closer, and I am getting more and more worried! I am surprised how little I have worried over Hank's job situation the last month or so. I just tried not to think about and remind myself that he will find one because he has to. But now that we are getting ever closer to the big month, time is not on our side anymore; it's getting down to the wire.

I signed up for the water birth class at the hospital; it is on October 2nd. I am very excited and Hank is too. I really like the idea of soaking in a big bath while in labor. I'm sure I won't be in the whole time, which would be a little crazy. But you never know. Dawn said "that sounds dangerous, but it's your birth." I let her know it is perfectly safe. I'm sure if it wasn't, hospitals wouldn't be equipping for them. Plus I know from my research they are safe. I hope that it isn't just a little bathtub or something--that would be disappointing. I want a tub that I can at least have some breathing room, or room to float and not be sitting on the ground. But I think that they show you a room and the tubs after the class so you know what it all looks like. I will be at the same hospital that Gabe was born in, so I already know what the rooms look like and where to go; I just haven't seen the women's center since they starting equipping for water birth. They had just started and only had a couple rooms when I was in labor with Gabe.

I think that Lilly has dropped or is head down, because all of a sudden I have been feeling the pressure! This weekend it was so painful I could barely walk. I was holding my belly up for support. Now when I have to go to the bathroom, it hurts and I can't wait at all! I can feel her moving around all over my bladder. So now, I get jabs and rolling around the bladder as well as kicks to the ribs, the fun is just starting! My belly button still has not popped out either; I think I have the deepest one ever. With Gabe, I think it only went flat, it never popped out.

Hank is going to go with me to my next doctor appointment. We are going to discuss switching to midwives (remember I said I wanted to switch and Hank said no), he has agreed to come listen to what the doctor has to say. I just think it makes sense for they type of birth I want. Now is the time, so I can have a chance to meet with all the midwives before the delivery. I have the same doctor office as when I was pregnant with Gabe, so I have already seen them all, but it's nice just to get reacquainted, and I'm sure they don't remember me. And Hank will also get to hear the heartbeat for the first time. He is excited about that.

One night when I was putting Gabe to sleep, I was lying with him in his bed and calming him down. So I was propped up on my elbow and staring at him and he was staring at me. I made a couple funny faces because I can't help it--I love to hear him laugh. But he didn't laugh and just kept staring intently at me. Then suddenly he grabbed my cheeks and pulled my down and gave me a kiss and said "I love you Mommy." I truly almost died, or at least cried! Then he asked if he could sleep with his eyes open, haha. The things they come up with.

I went to Joanne's with Dawn and her mother this weekend. I bought supplies to make my own nursing pillow. And my co-worker in Tampa who is due five days after me is having a baby shower on October 11th; she had a Boppy on her registry list, so I am going to make her one too. It won't be the real thing, but it will be made with love. I bought a pastel pink fleece for the outsides, nice and soft. Hopefully down the road, I can learn to make some covers and have different pretty cases to put on it. Zippers still scare me on sewing projects! I also picked back up my crocheting. I started working again on the blanket that was supposed to be for my niece. But it is turning out so pretty, I might keep it for myself! That is the hard part about crafting;it's hard to give the things you make away!

That is all for this week. Until next week . . . lots of love!

~ Amanda

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