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Week 31
~ Anniversary

This last week on September 25 Hank and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary. We have been together for 5 years! I can't believe it. Dawn got us a beautiful card and a gift certificate to Applebees. She watched Gabe for us and we went. I got a nice juicy steak (you know I'm pregnant because usually I don't eat steak) that actually squirted me in the eye on my second bite! We shared a dessert. I made him sit next to me; I never understand why people sit across from each other at restaurants. Just a quirk of mine but it made it easier for us to play around and flirt. At the end, while we were waiting for dessert, Hank was seeing how many things he could balance on my belly. I know we probably looked like teenagers, but we were having fun. We stayed for two hours, that's a post-child record for us!

I had a doctor appointment this week. Hank came with so we could discuss switching to midwives. Hank got to hear her heartbeat for the first time. The CNA let us listen extra long since Hank had never heard it before. Her heart rate is in the 140s now, but that is ok. She was kicking the Doppler the whole time; I was trying not to laugh. I am measuring one week behind, but they said it's alright if it's not more than two weeks behind or ahead. Then the doctor came in and we talked. It was a different doctor than the one that first suggested the switch, and she agreed as well. She said usually people like us just go to midwives naturally. She also said that most of the doctors had never even done a water birth before. She had done one in her whole career and had to call in a midwife for help! So Hank eventually said it was up to me and he approves, so I switched. Now I feel much more relieved that my birth will go the way I want it to, and I've already started writing my birth plan.

I know a lot of people will laugh when I write this, but I am starting to think that Gabe is psychic. It is kind of creepy the things he brings up. He seems to talk about things I'm thinking about, and they are not even kid-related things! I just started noticing it a couple months ago and I have been tracking it; now I am almost convinced. Well, convinced enough to bring it up to people. For example: a few weeks ago I was contemplating making cookies. Then Gabe comes up to me and says "Let's make cookies Mommy." Mind you--he had never asked before or since to make cookies. Then the other night, I put him to bed and was watching TV and reading in my room and thought about how I had forgotten to give him his gummy bear vitamins. Then 30 seconds later, he comes in my room and says "I want my bears now." Any other time I have totally forgotten (as in not thought about it at all) to give him his vitamins, he has never come and asked me for them. And usually I am debating whether to go to a certain place or store, and he will ask me to go to the place I'm thinking about. And he just looks at me and smiles like he knows something I don't. And he does these things all the time! Now I'm starting to wonder if his imaginary friends, Dizzer and Frank, are really imaginary because he talks for them and everything Hank says Gabe does it with him as well. I think there have been enough instances where it's not coincidence anymore. He does it almost every day.

GabeGabe has also dubbed himself "Baby Gabe" this past week. He crawls around the apartment. He makes little squeaky and whiny noises. He cuddles. He gets in the laundry basket with a blanket and that's his baby bed. I think he knows the time is near for the baby to arrive, he is extra sensitive. Normally, the kid never cries! Lately he cries when you tell him no, and that is not Gabe-like at all! And they are real tears and everything. Not a fit, but he just looks hurt. I have been trying to give him lots of love and cuddles and explaining to Hank that he knows things are changing, he is sensitive right now. I included a picture of "Baby Gabe" in his baby bed.

One of Hank's family friends, James, is coming to visit, and I adore him; he is a great person. He is in the Air Force with his wife (they are expecting their second baby together too). They just moved back to the states from Germany. Now they live in Mississippi, he is driving down for some legal issues with his first wife involving their kids. Besides the issues he is having-, I am excited about the week coming!

And I'm sorry to end this entry on a terrible note, but I didn't want to begin it this way. One of the girls at work lost her baby. She was 22 or 23 weeks with a little girl. We are all devastated. I couldn't stop thinking about it all weekend, how horrible that must be. I was obsessively waiting for every kick from Lilly. I don't even have words to describe it, but I thought everyone could just take an extra moment to realize how fragile life is and to be thankful that your baby is safe and healthy.

Until next week . . . lots of love and thankfulness!
~ Amanda

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