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Week 32
~ Just Another Week

Hank and I went to water birth class on Tuesday, and it was very informative. Pretty much the whole class consisted of questions and answers. A lot of people don't know much about water birth, plus there were mostly first-timers at the class. I researched water birth when I was pregnant with Gabe, so I know enough about it. You have to take the class to use the tubs, though, which I didn't know with Gabe. There was a video that showed three births in water. Not one baby cried! The instructor said it's normal for a baby not to cry after being born in water, it is just a much more peaceful way to enter the world. And the mothers did not look like mothers giving birth on land; they were barely making a noise and seemed much calmer. I was disappointed to learn that there were only two tubs, one is not even a birth tub, it's more like a shallow spa tub. The hospital is aware it's not a proper tub, but they were trying to outdo another hospital. There is a blow-up birth pool that my doctor's office brought in, and it is a proper deep tub; I want to request that one when I go in! It is padded on the bottom and has a little seat. The instructor said it is very very rare for a tub to not be available, so not to worry--which I am because I do not want to give birth on land! From what I learned in class, a lot of mine and Gabe's complications could possibly have been avoided if I didn't have any Stadol and if I were in water. So I am very much looking forward to birthing in water! So much so, that I'm not even really nervous about giving birth again. Can you tell I'm excited for a water birth??

Hank is allowed in the tub too. So I can't forget his bathing suit. The instructor said that the nurses prefer for the men to be clothed; we all had a good laugh at that. Hank said he can't guarantee he will stay in if I poop. I said he better get back in after it's scooped out if I want him to! He said he'd do whatever I want. His motto is "stand around and wait for instruction." Good motto. Hopefully he won't be recovering from sedation for tooth extraction for this birth like he was at Gabe's.

Hank's family friend, James, came down this week. He drove from Mississippi. Since he hadn't seen his kids in about a year and he had to deal with legal issues, we didn't spend too much time together. Plus, nights have been bad for me. I have been feeling sick and tired. So both nights we went over, I ended up party-pooping or sleeping. But everyone understood I'm getting to the rough part of pregnancy. I did play some Wii with his son on their last night.

The lady I work with who is due five days after me is having her baby shower this coming weekend. I don't have any extra money for gifts, so I made her a little fleece baby quilt. It was quite easy, only took me one day. I was already going to make this quilt for her so I have had the material for a while, but when I got the baby shower invitation I decided to give it to her then. I used some leftover pink fleece from the Boppy attempts as well (and it matched perfectly, lucky me). Boppy #2 came out alright, but doesn't have much give in the tummy area. So I don't think I will give it to her. If you're going to give someone something homemade, it better look good and be well-made!

I deep cleaned my room this weekend. I am starting to nest a little I think. I went through the closet and threw things out and donated things as well. Then I reorganized. Then I dusted, vacuumed, and tidied up. Then I moved on to Gabe's room. His was much easier; he doesn't spend too much time in there. Since the baby will be in our room, I want it to be really clean. I wanted to set up the crib, but we have to move our dresser first and Hank wasn't up for it. We will do it this next weekend and I can wash her crib bedding and get it all set up! Time is flying by! Gabe's pregnancy took forever, this one is almost over and it feels like I've barely blinked.

My only real complaint this week is the pain I am getting right above my belly button. I think it is my muscles pulling apart, because the pain is right where I get a little "pyramid" when I use my stomach muscles- like when I get out of bed, my belly kind of makes a little point (it did it with Gabe too) and that's where the pain is. I also had two stretch marks above my belly button (I think it had to do with my belly button piercing from teenage years) and they are huge now from this pregnancy. But the pain has left me be for a couple days, but boy did it hurt! Other than the upper belly button stretch marks growing, I haven't gotten any others! Maybe the ones I got the first time are enough to sustain this pregnancy stretches.

That's it for this week. Lots of love until next time!
~ Amanda

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