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Week 33
~ Stretch!!

Amanda at 33 weeksThis week Gabe told Hank "Mommy's tummy hurts, it can't stretch anymore." And I agree! I am really starting to feel like I'm being pulled apart from the stomach! My muscles are pulling, my skin is pulling, and even my hips are starting to pull. I was reading around that about this time, your pelvis will start loosening up, and if that's not what's happening to me, I don't know what it is! They are seriously sore. One morning this week, I woke up, stretched my arm- and PAIN! I think I pulled a stomach muscle; it was really painful for about a half hour and I could barely move. I had a midwife appointment that morning and she said I was ok and that I will start to learn what I can do and what I can't. So I guess I just can't stretch when I wake up. It's also getting harder and harder to sleep at night and stay asleep because the little pains (and the peeing) wake me up all night. I included a picture of my hugeness this past week.

At my midwife appointment she double checked to see if Lilly was head down because I told her the doctor said she was at my last appointment. She thought it was too soon to tell for sure, so she checked and sure enough- she still is! She also showed me how to fell her head, but I tried to feel it the next day and couldn't. How come those things only work while you're at the doctor?

Hank had a job interview! It wasn't a job he applied for, but a staffing company saw his resume and called. It's for delivering medical supplies (we were trying to avoid delivery, but hey, it fell into his lap practically) and a vehicle is supplied. It is all local so he won't be driving all over the place and it pays pretty darn well. Better than what we were hoping for while job searching. Hopefully we will hear back from them, the interview was on Friday and they still had to perform a driving record check, so we may not hear back right away. It would really be a great thing for us right now!

Dawn finally felt the baby move this week. Lilly is always so still when I go over there. Or if she moves, it's just a little kick or motion here and there. So she was actually active for a couple minutes and Dawn was so happy to finally feel the little girl! I was happy for her too, she just sits around and waits for Lilly to move and she never does.

I started planning Gabe's 4th birthday party. We are going to have it a couple weeks early because who knows what will be happening at the end of this November. So we are planning it for the 8th. I was going to have it the first weekend of November, but that is the day after Halloween and something tells me that's not a good idea. We're going to have it at Dawn's because our 900 square foot apartment will not hold all these people. We tried to have his birthday party at our place last year and it was so cramped, I'm not doing it again. Gabe wants a Percy party and Percy presents (Percy from Thomas and Friends). He's been letting us know that for months! There really isn't anything out there that's just Percy, so we will make due. This will be his third Thomas birthday party.

baby shower quiltI went to my co-worker's baby shower this Saturday. It was nice and quaint and also fun. The only thing I got upset about was that everyone brought their kids and I had asked Dawn to watch Gabe for me. I didn't even think to ask if he could come. He would have had so much fun playing too. If I wasn't 40 minutes from home, I would have gone back for him. Other than that, it was fun. I spent most of my time at the food spread; it is so great to have an excuse to do that! I won a prize for drinking water from a bottle the fastest. And I gave her the quilt and she loved it (at least I think she did). When everyone found out it was homemade, they couldn't believe I did that (no one has to know that it didn't take me forever to make it). They started to ask me if I made it because you can't find something like that in a store. It came out so pretty that I want to make one for Lilly, with different colors of course. I included a picture of the quilt just because.

cribAnd last but not least, we set up the crib this weekend. It took us three tries to get it together because the instructions weren't that clear at all. At least there wasn't hundreds of parts and screws to it, so it wasn't hard to take it apart twice. We moved (ok- Hank moved, I just told him what to do) a couple things in our room to fit the crib, and once we got it set up and looked at it, our room actually looks bigger even with the crib in it! We let Gabe test it out at the toddler bed stage and he didn't want to get down. Then he was asking to get in it all night, which I knew would happen, but you got to let them have some fun. I included a picture of the crib too. I want to get something with her name on it to go behind the crib, just for an added touch. Maybe those big block letters would be nice. And I really like her crib set because it can be mixed and matched with anything because it is kind of hodge-podge with all different patterns and fabrics.

That is all for this week, until next week . . .
~ Amanda

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