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Week 34
~ My Stretch Marks Are Getting Stretch Marks!

My battle scars (i.e. stretch marks) have decided to grow this week. There are fresh extensions. Especially the ones on top of my belly button. If this baby doesn't drop soon, they'll look like I had a run-in with a knife and the knife won when Lilly is born. The good part is that I can see how much the ones from Gabe have actually faded. I used the cocoa butter everyday with Gabe, and when I got the stretch marks all over anyway I said I'd never do that routine again. So now I only put on cream when I'm itchy. I'm going to get them either way.

Nothing else too exciting this week, I'm afraid. My birthday was Thursday the 16th, I turned 24. I can still round down to 20. : I think it's great to have kids young so you have the best possible stamina and patience. I never planned it this way, but I like the result (well- Gabe was not planned, but Lilly was). We are having our kids exactly at the age difference we always agreed on. When we got pregnant with Gabe, we devised our five year plan: move out of his parents', have decent jobs, and have one more child. Hank is working on the decent job part, but every goal we set for ourselves we accomplished and before our five year deadline. We still have one year left over, so I am proud of ourselves for that.

I started serious work on Gabe's pirate quilt. I got the front panel done. It was pretty easy (time-wise) because most of it is just a pirate treasure map in the center. The hardest part was the logistics. I did rip out many seams while figuring out how to put it all together. At least I caught myself before I sewed a border panel on backwards! The anal side of me wanted to measure it all out and have it fit together perfect, but the rational side said just to get it together and trim off extra fabric as you go. I don't know if anyone will understand that unless they've quilted before! It looks simple, but when you sit down to do it and start really thinking about it, it can be confusing. Especially when you are designing your own quilt without instructions. I have so much leftover scraps; I am considering making a mini-quilt with them, just because. I can see myself making little quilts for Lilly's dolls when she gets older. The idea of mini-quilts is intriguing me right now.

Gabe has really been testing the past couple weeks--verging on being a total brat. He is so not like himself. I asked him if he was being bad because Lilly was coming and he told me yes. This time of pregnancy is hard for younger kids I think. They know things are really going to change, they can see how big their mommy is and they know a baby will be here soon. They don't know what it will mean for them, what things will be like and how much everything will change. So I can understand, but it is still frustrating! But on a happier note--Gabe spent some personal time with Lilly on Sunday night and told her "come out, Lilly, we have surprises for you." And he felt her move and just laughed and laughed. It was a truly special moment.

Other than all this, it has been a pretty boring week. Talk to you all next week!

P.S. Our baseball team, the Tampa Bay Rays, just made it into the World Series! Yes- I like to watch sports, especially when our teams are winning. Hank's from Philadelphia and the Phillies made it in too, haha. This will be a fun World Series in our house!

~ Amanda

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