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Week 35
~ Still Another Month to Go??!!

Oh man, I can't believe there is a whole other month to go!! I am in so much pain now. I am pretty sure she dropped this past week. Everyone has noticed that I look like I'm carrying way lower, and I feel different in that department. But with the dropping comes more pain in my opinion. I am so sore in my pelvis, I can barely move now. I am not sleeping! The major pain in my hips wakes me up all night and it is all I can do to even roll over. I will get my cervix checked at my 37 week appointment; I bet I am dilated now. And the Braxton Hicks are all the time now and sometimes really intense. I think I may go early. Maybe not too early, but definitely not late.

I finished Gabe's pirate quilt this week, I think it is my best quality piece yet. As it should be, since it's my third one. I didn't get a picture for lack of time, but I will include one when he gets it at his birthday party. I'm sure everyone is just dying to see it too.

Hank had a job interview for a warehouse position on Thursday, but the warehouse manager was on vacation until the following Monday (which is today as I write this), so he will have to wait until then to find out if he has the job or has another interview. Hank said the interviewer told him "we're going to try and get you in the warehouse" so that sounds to me like he very well may have the job--praise whatever you give praise to!! I really really hope he gets it. He didn't find out the pay or hours, and he said she looked like she was in a hurry because there were a lot of people to interview (they had openings for all kinds of positions). I'm sure the pay isn't that bad, as long as it is $8/hourr or more, we should be fine.

I went to the midwife on Tuesday, and now I am measuring a week ahead! I was 35 weeks 2 days on my appointment and was measuring 36. I didn't gain any weight; actually I lost some, only a fraction of a pound--but still. I was sure I would gain a few pounds. They gave me the lovely Group B Strep test, and the whole time the CNA was swabbing both of my private bits she kept saying "Sorry! Sorry!" I was laughing and said "It's ok I'm sure you don't want to be doing this either." Then the midwife went over my file because I hadn't seen her before and told me to go to the hospital when contractions are 5 minutes apart. I will probably be there before that!

I got all of Gabe's party supplies and decorations too. I found this site that was really cheap and a Yahoo! partner, now I can't remember it for the life of me to pass on. I got everything for $50 (and free shipping) including a Thomas piņata! That is including decorations, signs, dishes, cups, tablecloth and the piņata. What a great deal. I finally figured out how I am going to make his Percy cake, and you will all see in the party pictures. It is a relief though to figure out how I am going to make this cake because Percy cakes do not exist!

I also watched The Business of Being Born this week, and I suggest everyone see it. It is truly informative and sheds light on a lot of the errors and problems in American maternity care. The most interesting fact I learned was that the USA has the second highest infant mortality rate in the developed world and midwives attend less than 8% of births. In other developed countries, midwives attend at least 70% of births and their infant mortality rate is way lower. What does that say? Midwives are in it for you, and they care about you. Midwives have been attending births for thousands of years and only in the 20th century did doctors start taking over. I personally just feel much safer with a midwife, and they are safe, probably more so than even a doctor. Yes, an OB can perform a C-section, but how many C-sections are truly needed? Although I have to admit that I don't think I would ever attempt a home birth, I am not that granola (especially after what happened with Gabe when he was born). I trust my body, it knows better than I do. Alright--rant is over now, I just hate how midwives get such a bad persona these days. I'm delighted that at my doctor's office they have OBs and midwives and they work together and give you an opportunity to choose. I am also grateful that the OBs were urging me to see a midwife for the birth I wanted--and also that I got my husband to agree and not unwillingly.

My dad took me out to lunch for my birthday. It was belated but he couldn't make it to see me last weekend because he was looking after his wife because she has very bad murmurs and she was rushed to the hospital from work. They are separated and have been for 9 years, but he moved back in with her to help her out around the house and with bills because of her health issues. We went to our favorite BBQ restaurant and I got Hank to watch Gabe so I could have some alone time with my dad. I have always been super super close with my dad, but it seems lately I have been so busy getting prepared (mentally and physically) for Lilly and with Gabe and work, we don't spend a lot of time together or talk as much as we used to. Plus my dad works third shift at Sam's Club, so he sleeps during the days and has to wake up "early" to spend time with me and my sister on the weekends. So Hank took Gabe to a friend's and he played with his kid and then went to another friend's and played on her kid's trampoline. He even got a video of it.

I washed all of Lilly's clothes in Dreft and I must say that I do not need any more 0-3 month clothes! Between Dawn and my sister--holy cow! I didn't even realize how much I had. Hank had some clean clothes underneath the baby clothes and I told him to just lay out the clothes on out bed for now, and two minutes later he called down the stairs "I really think we need to get Lilly some more clothes, I don't think she has enough." And I told him that believe it or not, I only bought three outfits out of all those clothes!

Also on the Lilly front--she is really moving! I don't think she got the memo that there is no more room there. She is actually getting more active and moves for hours at a time. She is also trying to make more room for herself--sticking her butt out over there, elbowing me here, kneeing me and trying to roll over. I also think she likes to play with my pelvis because I'm always felling these little flutters and prodding on it. And since I am feeling that, I hope she is turned the right way, I do not want back labor! It is all so weird how different my pregnancies were; Gabe was not this active at all.

That is about all for this week, until next week. . .

~ Amanda

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