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Week 36
~ Halloween and Lots of Other Activities

36 weeksI'm still here and still in pain! The midwives have told me that the second time around can be more painful. One in particular said that it's almost like your uterus doesn't want to go through it again! Sleeping is pretty much non-existent. I am waking up every hour or so 1. In pain and 2. Having to pee. My hips and upper butt, not even lower back--it's seriously my upper butt, are really screaming at me lately. I think it might be a Monday thing (when I write my journal); Monday's are just more painful in general.

I had an appointment on Monday. I gained one pound, this is good--at this rate I will weigh less than I did pre-pregnancy when Lilly is born. By a lot. I haven't been stuffing my face this pregnancy, and frankly I haven't wanted to. Hopefully these habits stick with me post-pregnancy. I am still measuring a week ahead. The midwife said if I went into labor at this point they won't try to stop it. Then I just had to make it to 37 weeks to water birth (which I have!). I got the flu shot which actually did make me feel weird for two days. Last year when I got one, I was fine. This time I was feeling a little hot for the two days and I felt like I was drugged up when I hadn't even taken so much as a Tylenol.

I have been cleaning like a mad woman lately! Definitely nesting. I am cleaning so much it is wearing me out, I just can't stop. And washing everything. Even Lilly's car seat padding and sun canopy! It needed it anyway since it was used. And anytime I see a crumb or little mess anywhere I am freaking out at Hank. Everything needs to be ready at any time for Lilly to come! That's what my brain keeps telling me anyway.

Pirate GabeThis week was the week of Halloween, and Gabe was psyched up the whole week. We got a pumpkin and carved it on Tuesday. There wasn't really much for Gabe to do, he helped get out some pulp with his hands, and then he kept saying "ew, yucky" the whole time (that's his new favorite phrase) and trying to sneak and grab knives--don't worry he didn't get away with it at all. We modeled our Jack-o-Lantern after one in Hank's favorite video game. I always end up doing the drawing and cutting because I'm the "artist." Doesn't make me a Jack-o-Lantern expert. I included a couple pictures of the event, and one of the "Oooo spoooooky pumpkin" as Gabe puts it. Trick or Treating was fun; Gabe was a pirate. I was scared about the peeing situation, but we just made one round around the block at my in-law's and wrapped it up for the night. I did make it 3/4 of the way before I had to pee, which was great so I could enjoy our time together. I kept telling Gabe to keep up with Daddy because he's faster. There's also a picture of Gabe kissing his girlfriend who is a 3 year old girl who just moved in across the street from the in-law's. And Hank was sweet and held Gabe's pumpkin container when it got too heavy for him. He won't let me do anything lately. Whenever I need to lift something or do something more labor intensive, he jumps right in to help. I have to sneak things in while he's sleeping in or not paying attention.

Carving PumpkinsBut anyway, Halloween was fun besides when I woke up extremely nauseous and hugged the porcelain for an hour. I still don't know why I got sick. I started to get worried that I had something that would go to Lilly and that probably made me sicker. Then I started to get scared that maybe labor was going to start soon. So I was a mess and crying to Dawn and Hank (we usually go to Hank's parents' on Fridays and I'm a pregnant party-pooper and end up going to bed, that's why I woke up at their house) and they comforted me and got me water and I felt better soon after.

The Phillies won the World Series which made for a very happy Hank. I was taking a shower because I thought I had time and still be able to finish watching the game, and heard Hank screaming downstairs. I thought they had scored. But when I finished up and went downstairs, Hank was dancing around and yelling. Now all our neighbors know where he's from.

Gabe and PumpkinI also packed my hospital bag this weekend. I went to Super Wal-Mart because I realized I needed nursing bras and last minute travel toiletries and some sweatpants so I have something to wear around. Then I tried to find anything nursing at the local stores and there wasn't a darn thing, so I had to trek to Super Wal-Mart with Gabe (but we did get bags of candy for 50% off!). I can't get out of the mindset that I won't be at the hospital for a week or more because of Gabe's birth. I have to remind myself that, reasonably, I will only be there for two or three days, not 10. So I keep trying to pack all these clothes and extra things that I won't even need--hopefully.

So just for all those mothers out there who are trying to get together their hospital bags or will be soon, here's what I packed:

Labor Bag: birth plan, video camera, extra tape, camera, extra batteries, bathing suit for Hank, bathing suit bottom for me, sports bra, robe, IPod, hair ties, lotion, extra lighter and cigarettes for Hank (I know, I know--bad stuff, but I don't want him to have to leave to go get some in the middle of labor), and cologne for after said cigarettes are smoked.

Gabe kissing KristinHospital Bag: extra set of clothes for Hank, 2 pairs of sweatpants, tank top, two nightgowns that snap in front, one nursing bra, nursing pads, toothbrushes, two pairs of underwear, socks, shampoo and conditioner, lotion, baby book, one nursery picture outfit, coming home outfit, fleece blanket, and one diaper.

I also put an index card in Hank's wallet with the doctor's office number and numbers of family members to call when I go into labor or just to have in case he needs to keep in touch. We don't have a big family so it was just my sister, my mom, my dad, and his parents' numbers.

Hank and I went to vote on Sunday as well. There is early voting in Florida until November 2nd. But in our county there are only three sites, which surprised me because our county is so populated. We waited in line for two hours. But when we got near the front, the poll workers took me to the front of the line to sit and wait for Hank. That was nice. Before that, I did have to chase a worker down to bring me to the bathroom. It was fun listening to the crazy people give speeches and the two men running for Sheriff arguing! So we made it and we voted and we'll see the results on Wednesday! Or maybe even late Tuesday . . . it's been four years, I can't remember, lol.

Scary PumpkinAnd last but not least (this was a very productive weekend by the way) I went to Joann's on Sunday to get fabric to make baby quilts. My dad said to me when I showed him the pirate quilt that I should sell them. I can't believe I didn't think of it before. So I invested some money for cute fleece fabrics like the ones I used for the quilt I made my co-worker, and I'm going to try and sell them on Ebay. I think it may work. I have been looking up the handmade quilts and seeing the activity and for a nice one, you can get $20-$30 apiece. And some of the ones I looked at, I knew I could do better. So I'm going to try it out and hope I can make some extra money. I can pop one of these baby quilts out in 3-4 hours so it could potentially be profitable. And when I'm out on maternity leave, I will have more time to work on them. I know I'll be busy, but not as busy as when I go back to work full-time!

That's it for this week. Next week--Gabe's birthday party!! Talk to you all later!

~ Amanda

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