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Week 38
~ Finally Reached My Breaking Point

This last week, especially towards the weekend, I think I've finally reached my breaking point. As in, I just can't do anything anymore. My burst of energy is long gone. My apartment is all ready for Lilly at least. It will just need normal cleaning here and there. But other than that, I am done. It is enough of a chore just to roll over in bed at night. Not to mention pretty much anytime I move or go to do something, the contractions start up. They are starting to get so intense that I have to do the Lamaze breathing through some of them. They aren't painful, but there's a lot of pressure and tightening; they are just very forceful.

So the 16th has come and gone, so Dawn was wrong on her expected delivery date. She kept calling me and telling me she expected a phone call before midnight!

I went to the midwife this week, and nothing has changed. I was still 1 cm and 50%. I told her I know that's it's not any indication of labor, but it's nice to know that something is progressing down there. She laughed and said she knows. I lost a pound too. Now she is right on target, before I was measuring a week ahead. I have another appointment on Tuesday of my 39th week.

Gabe got sick on Friday and was running a little fever. It didn't last all day, but through the weekend he got more congested and started having a real deep cough. I took him to the doctor to make sure pneumonia wasn't starting or there wasn't an infection. He is perfectly alright and it's just a cold. Of course, right before Lilly is due--the kid that never gets sick just happens to get sick, kind of funny.

This week proved not to be too exciting, since I've reached the breaking point, I physically can't do too much. So nothing too spectacular has happened and I'm secretly thankful! I finally got insurance for Gabe and Lilly, so now I feel that anytime she decides to come, I'm ready. I was worried about not having it, especially for Lilly and her post hospital doctor visits. The state-funded program never responded and I read in the paper that they had dropped 5,000 holders and weren't taking anymore applications; I'm glad I read that so I could look elsewhere. I'm confident Hank will find a job soon. He has some more interviews lined up for next week. I know we can get through this; we have good people and family on our side.

Talk to you all next week (hopefully not!)

~ Amanda

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