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Birth Story
~ Meet Maddox Allen

Hey everyone!!

Maddox AllenHe's finally here!! Sorry it's taken awhile to write this entry! Of course I've been a little busy and in a way I've been waiting because I know the Birth Story ends my Pregnancy Journal, and its kind of depressing . . . Postpartum speaking!

So let's rewind to Sunday, July 11. That morning we got up and went to church, knowing it would be my last time there for at least four weeks, on account of I'm not only OCD I'm a germ phobic and didn't want anyone to be around Maddox just yet. After church we came home and you can only guess what I did. Yep that's right, I cleaned and cleaned. Once everything was almost done, I gave Hallie and Isaac baths and packed their bags. At around 6:30 that night my parents came and got the kids. Michael and I then went to Oasis Steak house! I, of course, tried to order something really good, since I couldn't eat after midnight. But knowing me, of all things to order, I ordered something that made my heartburn horrible. Me trying to fill up did nothing more than make me miserable! When we got home, we loaded up the car, with our hospital bags and the baby's car seat, and then went to bed.

Here's where all the fun begins! We get up at 5:30, get dressed and are on our way to the hospital. I was so nervous and excited at the same time! All I could think about was what he would look like, and if he was still a he!

When we got to the hospital, we walked up to labor and delivery and was then put in a delivery room. The nurse's assistant walks in and hooks me up to all the monitors and begins to ask me questions. To my surprise my blood pressure is surprisingly good! One of the questions she asks is "Would you like an epidural?" I answer, No, thinking to myself "Am I crazy"?

Issac and MaddoxAbout 30 minutes passes and at 7:00 A.M. the assistant walks back in with some unpleasant looking items. A enema and a shave kit! I honestly think my blood pressure may have spiked. At that time I had sent Michael downstairs so he could drink some coffee and visit with some of the family that had already gotten to the hospital. My best friend Hanna was in there with me while I got the enema and got shaved! The nurse's assistant that was doing the enema and Hanna got a big laugh, because as soon and the nurse stuck the enema inside me, I said, "Okay, Okay that's enough I have to go!!" The sad thing was she had not even let the actual fluid go in yet! So after all that fun stuff, my nurse walks in and says, time to start an IV and get this pitocin started!

After getting that all taken care of she checked to see if I was dilated! I was a 4, and very effaced! My doctor was supposed to come break my water at 8:00, but a few things had came up and he said it would be lunch. Well lunch came, I was having very good, regular contractions, but I was still a 4! I asked the nurse why I was staying at a 4, and she said that until my water was broken I would probably stay that way because of the way the baby's head was positioned. So in the mean time, friends and family were stopping by.

By mid-afternoon my doctor still had not came yet, and my mom was getting concerned and decided to call the office. She talked to my favorite nurse who said Dr. H would be there around 4:30-4:45! I wasn't in any kind of pain, I did develop a headache, and asked for 2 regular strength Tylenol; I was determined to have the baby with no pain medication! About 10 to 5, Dr. H walks in with what I call a "crochet hook." He breaks my water, and says that I'm a 4 and said that he would check back in, in about an hour. By 5:05, I have a contraction, and I can remember Michael looking at me saying, "Did that contraction feel different or the same?" It was so painful I could barely talk, but did manage to push the nurse button. The nurse walks in and I say, check me!! She says, "Now Hun, Dr. H just broke your water and said you were a 4; it's normal for there to be more pain when your water is broken! After convincing her, she checks me. With a puzzled look on her face, she says, "You're a 7!" I was excited, nervous and in PAIN!

My nurse decided to stay in my room. With the next contraction I was feeling so much pressure in my back, my nurse helped me get on all fours to help release some. It helped some but the pain was still awful. By the time I turned over, I looked at my nurse and said, "He's coming and I'm pushing!" She puts gloves on, closes my legs and says, "Don't push, let me check you!" Once she checks me, she says, "Amber push that nurse button for me." The receptionist says, "Can I help you," My nurse says "Page Dr. H, she's fully dilated and the head is crowning!" Before I know it, Dr. H runs in and puts his scrubs on. I was so relieved when he said I could push! I remember screaming, "Get him out, get him out!" My sister kept saying, "Just breathe, just breathe!"

Hallie and IssacWith the very last push, the nurse told me grab my legs once I started to have a contraction. Well I grabbed one leg with one hand and my mom's hair with the other one! I just love my momma, through all that pain, she didn't even say a word. After that last push, Maddox was here! All my pain literally disappeared! He was born on July 12, 2010 at 5:22 P.M. weighing 6 lbs and 3.5 oz and 19 inches long and was absolutely adorable! I was very proud of myself that the only medicine I had during labor was the two Regular strength Tylenol I had taken for my headache! On top of that I didn't even have to have a episiotomy! I even got compliments from my doctor, "He said he wished more women had my uterus and skin!"

So like I had stated in the beginning of my pregnancy I seem to go very quick once my water is broken! I was only in true labor and pain for about 20 minutes! If for some reason we ever have another child I would do it all natural again! The healing process was so much quicker, and I felt better!

Once I get my schedule on track, I would love to share a parenting journal. Both of the kids have adjusted very well to Maddox! Isaac loves the fact that everyone says they look alike. Hallie has done well except she thinks she's his mom too! It's really sweet though, because he was crying the other day, and Hallie looked at him and said, "Don't cry pumpkin." Another thing Miss Hallie is doing is breastfeeding her dolls, like mommy feeds Maddox.

Anyhow, Good luck to all the pregnant mommies now! My advice is to do it all natural and to breastfeed! Remember "Breast is Best!"

God bless,

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